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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

OOC: CM, I knew I was forgetting something in my RP headers lol. Ty for reminding me :3.


IC: Kilara Blake | Impmon | DemiDevimon
Location: Dayton, Ohio, Unites States
Role: True DigiDestined
Affected RPers: Popshakes, Sheepat

We arrived in time to see a Gargomon fighting a Mammothmon, undoubtedly one of those that my partners had sensed coming through. Myotismon was carrying me, flying on raven-like wings he’d obtained after downloading the information that had attacked him upon hatching from his DigiEgg. His grip was tight, almost painfully so, but I didn’t complain; he was worried and didn’t like rushing into fights like this, even though we had backup. I could tell he wanted to leave me a safe distance away, but if I was too far from him (and IceDevimon for that matter), I wouldn’t be able to help them fight and Digivolve, if need be. IceDevimon was flying besides us, a grim expression on his face when I looked over at him.

“Hey Myo, looks like some o’ yer family turned up for tha fun,” he suddenly exclaimed. I faced forward and could see other Digimon; sure enough, there was a Myotismon standing near a Mummymon. Myotismon (or Myo, as IceDevimon liked to call him) snorted at the comment.

“Let’s just get this taken care of quickly,” he commented, landing a few moments later and setting me down. The other Digimon let their partners off next to me, and then the five of them went out to meet the Digimon that had entered the Real World. For reasons I could only guess, Myotismon made a beeline for his clone, completely ignoring the others and focusing only on his target. Maybe he was worried I would mistake the enemy for him and let it get too close; that would be pretty much impossible, since my partner had his giant feathered wings, but he’d become so paranoid as of late whenever he Digivolved up to this form. Meanwhile, IceDevimon had swooped down to engage with the Mummymon, while the three Champions focused on the other enemy Digimon.

Then I noticed movement a fair distance away, and when I focused on it I saw another Digimon; an Antylomon. I cursed under my breath, unable to tell if it was a friend or foe but fairly certain it wasn’t on our side. For now I simply kept an eye on it, ready to alert the others to it if it tried anything suspicious.


Shitai Ningyo | Quetzalmon
Location: Eastern Shore Keep, Digital World
Role: Anarcomon’s Army
Affected RPers: None

Shitai stared blankly at the small army of Ultimate-level Digimon milling about in the training yard. Some of them were sparring, others were talking amongst themselves, but for the most part they were aimlessly waiting for orders to attack the Real World. Occasionally one of them would drag a Champion-level Digimon into the yard from the Keep’s dungeon, taunting and tormenting it before destroying it and absorbing its data.

“This is ridiculous,” she said after a moment, her voice devoid of any inflection or emotion. She spoke in a monotone, sounding almost robotic. “He sends that broken little girl and her equally broken partners, yet we’re ordered to stay behind, to wait.” Muted anger simmered under the young woman’s expressionless face, anger born from the sheer hatred she felt for pretty much everyone these days. At the moment a good portion of her loathing was directed at Lydia, who’d been sent to the Real World on a mission that was part search-and-destroy, part kidnapping. Even though Anarcomon had his partner, he was still making an effort to add more DigiDestined to his army. Why destroy them if he could make them into valuable allies against those who resisted?

“Shitai…can we go inside?” the woman’s partner asked. Shitai glanced over at the Queztalmon cowering in the shadows of the keep, watching the larger, more powerful Digimon with feaful eyes. It was clear he was terrified that one of the Ultimates would see him as just another punching bag, and his cowardice filled Shitai with a seething hate that didn’t make it to her face. Looking as placid and emotionless as ever, she strode over to the Digimon and delivered a swift kick; it was doubtful the blow caused any actual pain, but he recoiled from it all the same with a pitiful whimper.

“Shut up,” Shitai ordered, wishing she could muster the ability to yell, to scream. It just wouldn’t come to her, though; it seemed all she was capable of since waking up was despising everyone, yet not even being able to show it. She kicked at the Digimon again even though he had fallen silent, then focused on the Ultimates that were waiting for an order to attack. “They wouldn’t dare bother you. You’re the partner of a General, start acting like it and quit being such a worthless little baby.” Quetzalmon didn’t reply, instead watching his partner with sad, haunted eyes as she stared at the Digimon under her direct command.
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