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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
so there can only be one trainer per job class, why so?
I guess it's because Dredd didn't want to RP 9 Aerial Artists, Or have too many Light/Dark Mages. I guess he also wanted a diverse mix of characters. Whatever, the Grass Ace Trainer Class has Porygon, Hitmonlee, and Snorlax, so that's what I'd take if I were you.

On another note, I'd also reherse grammar and spelling. Better RPers have better grammar, and it's a fact.

EDIT: Scratch that, Gmandiddy reserved the Grass Ace Trainer. You're stuck with Fire Ace and Earth Trainer.

EDIT2: Say, in GCeA Yellow, can we TRADE any Pokemon and keep the traded Pokemon, even if they're out of our potential selections (Like, the Earth Trainer trades his Graveler to the Light Mage, who sends back a Kadabra, which both evolve and they both keep the opposite Pokemon?)?
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