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Default Re: The Official PE2K Smartphone Game/Aps Thread

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
I haven't played PL in like over a year though. The problem is that it's missing the kind of things that make an MMO really good, though it's understandable due to it being a smartphone game.

As for SL, haven't tried it. That any better than PL? Guess I'll take a look at it.
PL is okay but it's a bit grindy and gets hard to play solo. I used to play it a ton until all my friends quit the heck out of it.

SL is okay but can solo get grindy. Graphics are a lot better, and the game is very hard at certain points. I want to stress this. The later levels of Shipyard WILL kill you, repeatedly, if you're not with a group. Voleria is completely unsoloable and the Skorn will kill you, again, repeatedly. The campaign also features ONE SHOT KILL mines that you must look on the floor and avoid walking over and headshot snipers that you need to run around and avoid letting the crosshair land on you or you die. It's the most brutal campaign out. SL absolutely cannot be played solo when you get to Shipyard. If you have no friends to join and don't get lucky on random games, you cannot advance. At all. This is true for a lot of the later levels of each campaign, but they're not as brutal as Voleria. For example the Miner boss for level 20. He's hard and even gives capped characters a run for their money, but he doesn't kill you repeatedly. There's hard and there's impossible or torturous, you know?

Dark Legends (DL) improves on the graphics of the previous two games, as well as makes every level soloable. You have one resource, blood, and it costs blood to use skills but it's also your health which means you can die kinda easily sometimes. The story is awesome though. It's also got a Zynga-like Energy mechanic which EVERYBODY DESPISES. Thankfully STS finally understood that people hate it and will be making 3D fighting levels not cost energy, only missions. It's actually possible to level up entirely on missions and just coming back and doing more when their timers run out. Sure your gear will be crap, but hey you can level up for free if you wait it out. So ;ater when you run out of energy you can grind for xp in 3D fighting levels. The downside of DL is it's a huge cashgrab by STS and the prices are ridiculous. $50 gets you 500 plat and it's on sale, which normally is 350 plat! And believe me it goes really quickly. I spent 200 something in the first ten minutes of play after charging it. In PL and SL you can get 800 plat for 50 bucks and it will last and last you. DL is also missing a 2k plat bundle deal. At the very least just buy the starting bundle and maybe one bank expand and never spend on anything in DL ever again if you play at all.

A new STS game called Arcane Legends has been announced. As with SL and DL improving on the game before it, AL improves on the graphics of it's predecessors and includes the new systems introduced in previous games like charging attacks from DL. Not much is known about it except that it will be fantasy like PL, the graphics will be better, and that it includes new ways to attack like multi hit attacks and charge ups from DL. Each successive game improving on their predecessors does not mean that it will stay that way. New stuff introduced in later games does eventually trickle down to the earlier games, but it takes time because they want to keep crApple compatibility. crApple approval takes weeks.

If you want a true mobile MMO, try this, just recently put up on Play after being in development for a long time. World of Midgard: Faction Wars. The client is 274mb, YES ON A SMARTPHONE, and not a lot of devices can support it. It might say supported but then you might have huge lag or graphics issues. I don't think mine can but try yours:
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