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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Agana, Alexa Silvanus (NPCs)
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight (Amber)
The streets had been busy, but not as busy as they soon will be. The Games have yet to even start and already businesses were booming. This was the time of the year most took advantage of the large gathering to make the most coin in one place or setting they will over the course of the year. Even in the weeks the preparations were still being made and in the weeks things were calming down. And this was the time of year Agana absolutely loved.

The young woman was successful in both a business and in hiding her secrets. She looked like most women. She has long crimson hair, matching eyes, ivory skin, and some say has the figure of a goddess. She knew that she was attractive and often used it to seal deals, but she never flaunted it like the whores in the brothels (that weren't all that attractive to begin with in her opinion). She carried herself with pride and was completely ladylike. Almost as if she were of noble blood, but only just being a very successful businesswoman. She owned a line of taverns and inns which brought in great business for herself and her employees. And she had no complaints on the rewards.

Now she was on her way to her main tavern in the capital that was also an inn. She knew that that building would have the most business so Agana had every intention to oversee business personally. However she also had something - correction, someone - to look after. She was watching a companion's daughter since her mother was busy with contracts. The woman didn't mind. She saw the young six-year-old as a niece and had called her such, earning her the "aunt" title from the girl. She smiled a bit as she watched the girl now that was walking beside her. She had jet black hair that now reached her shoulders and striking emerald green eyes that could rival the elves in brightness. The young girl had a skip in her step as she walked next to the older woman, looking at the other taverns and inns they passed. When she looked up, seeming to sense when she was being watched (like her mother, Agana noted) she smiled.

Then something caught the young girl's eye, and before Agana knew it she had run off. Luckily the streets were empty at this time, but it was still unwise. With a soft chuckle she quickly followed. She then her younger companion slow down and look and a woman that Agana hadn't seen before. Or more like look at the bird and cat that accompanied the woman.

"Hi Miss," the girl greeted the animal's owner. "I'm Alexa. May I pet your kitty?"

Agana couldn't help but laugh. She then saw the inn the woman was about to enter and shook her head. She knew the competition well, and knew that this inn would not fit this woman's needs with her animal companions.

"Alexa," she softly called the young girl, "It's not safe to run off like that. And not every animal you meet will like to be touched like your mother's." Alexa pouted a bit at the older woman. Agana just smiled and then turned her attention to the woman before her. "As for your, deary, I wouldn't go in there. The owner isn't that fond of animals, and if you ask me the rooms and food are greatly overpriced."
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