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Samuel Newton & Anatenajah
Inside Conference Room at Underground
ARPers: Winter

Once the young lady started talking, Samuel could hear the “no-nonsense” in her voice. This girl is serious and Samuel was actually surprised. Most of the girls now a days only stayed home with their mothers preparing food and learning how to take care of a family but not this girl. She is one of the few who decided to take up arms against different people. Samuel knew that she could take care of certain missions by herself, but a mission saving a hostage taken by the government? Oh yeah, she will need some more help. Samuel was just a little excited but did not let it show because that could ruin how they look at him. Samuel looked over by Anatenajah who was just sitting there listening attentively. Samuel wondered what was going through “The Shadow’s” Mind.

Anatenajah looked up and decided to speak. “Ma’am it will be no easy feat”, he started out, “Two days ago when I was traveling here I saw a cart where they keep the mages for one they take away anything that gives them power and put about 20 highly skilled guards or even more depending on how powerful the mage is, I saw one cart with 50 of them. Then if they are not in the cart they are in a building with a lot of soldiers not so much trained but a lot of them and probably a barracks would be nearby with even more. I have no problem doing this for I am concern for your sister’s fate. Do you know if she is a cart or in a cell.”

Samuel was shocked to discover that Anatenajah knew so much and was shocked to see how they put so many troops on mages. So it would be somewhat difficult, but hey he always liked a challenged.

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