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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

Kilara Blake | Impmon | DemiDevimon
Location: Dayton, Ohio, Unites States
Role: True DigiDestined

We hadn’t gone far when both DemiDevimon and Impmon came to a halt; DemiDevimon started hissing like a wet cat and a strange growl rumbled in Impmon’s chest. The fur on their bodies stood on end, making them look puffier than normal, and it would have been comedic if the situation wasn’t so dire. I could sense something as well, a massive of…something…but I knew my partners were much more sensitive to it than I was. Almost in unison they faced me, dark scowls distorting their features.

“Several high level Digimon, and I can feel the taint in them,” DemiDevimon said in a tight voice. “Kilara, we need to Digivolve. There’s no way we can fight them like this. The others…I hate to say, but they’ll have to come as well. We’ll need all the help we can get in this fight.”

“I can go get ‘em,” Impmon offered. I nodded and grabbed my Digivice, aiming it at my partners. Two streams of glowing white data burst from the small device and wrapped around the Digimon, at first expanding and then collapsing in as the data was absorbed. Then the bubbles of data shattered, the remaining bits fading away to reveal two Digimon that looked exactly alike, save their coloring. One was black while the other was a white; they were Devimon and IceDevimon. Both were tall and slender, with long arms and tattered wings. Two horns sprouted from the head of each, and crimson eyes burned with energy.

“We’ll wait here then,” Devimon said, and IceDevimon nodded once before taking flight, soaring back the way we’d come. As he flew off, Devimon added, “Kilara…perhaps you should Digivolve me again. I hate to use so much energy so early, but I honestly think we’re going to need it.”

“Can you tell what level and how many?” I asked as I faced him, and the demon-like Digimon frowned in concentration. After a moment he shook his head.

“I can’t get an exact number, their energy is just one jumbled mess right now. But I can sense that there are several Ultimates at the very least.” He laced his long fingers together in an unconscious action of irritation. “Too many for us to fight as Champions, even with three others. IceDevimon may have to Digivolve again as well, but for now since I’m still here we must as well do it and be prepared.”

“We can’t catch a break, can we?” I grumbled, aiming my Digivice at the tall creature. Another burst of data blasted forth and surrounded him, and this time I felt a strange tug coming from within my body. Digivolution required not only additional data for the Digimon in question, it also required energy from the human partner. It was what gave the partners of DigiDestined extra strength. Going from Rookie to Champion wasn’t too bad, even with two partners, but then jumping to Ultimate for one of them so quickly took a more considerable toll.

As the data from my Digivice cut itself off, a fierce dizzy spell hit me and made me stumble forward as the world around me spun. I was certain I was going to fall over, but hands on my shoulders helped steady me until the dizzy wave ended. I groaned a little and shook my head; the dizziness was gone, but it had left a small throbbing headache in my temples. After steeling myself to it, I focused on the owner of the hands who’d helped keep me from toppling over.

“Are you all right?” Myotismon asked, concern obvious as he stared at me. I chuckled weakly and dismissed his worry with a wave of my hand.

“It’s been a while since either of you have had to Digivolve so much so quickly,” I told him. “I’m just out of practice, I’ll be all right.” Myotismon didn’t reply, looking like he wanted to argue but deciding against it. Instead, he released my shoulders and folded his arms over his chest, turning to stare in the direction of the digital field. I could tell from his posture that he was tense and uneasy; it took a lot to make a Digimon of his strength that unnerved. It rubbed off on me a bit and I found myself fidgeting anxiously.

Within a few minutes I saw IceDevimon come into view, followed by three other Digimon. One was a giant flaming bird known as Birdramon, the other was a large gray dinosaur called Monochromon, and the third was a massive blue-furred wolf called Gaogamon. These were the Digivolved partners of the three younger DigiDestined I’d been traveling with, all of them Champion level. Unlike my partners, none of these three could go beyond Champion, as their partners hadn’t developed the strength necessary for further Digivolution. They joined us within a few more minutes, and IceDevimon landed beside me with a worried expression.

“Yup, it’s that bad,” he said upon seeing Myotismon, as if confirming something he’d decided while away. “Guess we’d better get movin’, eh? Don’t wanna keep our new pals waitin’!”
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