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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][1/9]Open

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Name: Markus Novolos
Gender: He's a boy.
Age: 15
Class: Fire Spinner
Specializations: He's incredibly used to harsh living conditions and being near heat sources. He can live off of grass. Not joking.

Appearance: Aside from his well-developed muscles, Markus looks INCREDIBLY similar to Red (The dude from the picture up top) in his build (well, an older version: He's about 5-foot-5 and 110 pounds). However, he's got blonde hair, blonde hair that's almost white in appearance (Unless you're close enough to notice the difference). There's also the strikingly piercing dark crimson in his eyes. He wears a black hoodie with a diagonal red stripe running across from his right shoulder to his left hip, with a smaller purple stripe above it running parallel to the red stripe. He wears dark navy jeans, as well. He wears hiking boots 24/7, which are brown. He usually carries his Pokemon on his belt (LIKE ANYONE ELSE WITH A HEAD DOES), but he also puts some he doesn't use as much in his shoulder bag (That shares the pattern of his hoodie, for any interested). Said bag seems to be able to carry a c**pton of stuff. Also on his belt is his survival knife. He also keeps a lighter in his pocket. He knows how to use it, too. He isn't a Fire Spinner for nothing!

Personality: He's harder to piss off than you'd guess, for a Fire Spinner anyways. Just don't be an utter idiot with zero common sense, don't mention parental relations for too long(not even his-say anything about your mom and dad and it counts), and DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, CALL HIM WEAK. The last one in particular is grounds for him to immediately take out his Pokemon and order it to attack (and possibly kill) you. Constant annoyance shall also be met violently, though thankfully it usually stops at an angry rant at the offender, and not outright attempting to murder the poor guy. However, don't be fooled: If his temper isn't prodded, he can become an excellent trainer to have around: he has a brave heart, an excellent tolerance of pain and hunger, a semi-charismatic nature (even when angry, he's usually got a point), and can usually keep rather upbeat, all if evading his anger. And of course, those muscles aren't for show.

In school, he's had good grades (Bs and Cs, with the rare A popping up now and then), and Sabrina, one of the best students in her time (All A's in almost all classes, B+ on the two classes she 'struggled' in, honor roll, valedictorian, so on and so forth), had nothing but criticism for it. He was a decent Pokemon Battler with his Pokemon (Loses 35% of the time, wins the other 65%), and Sabrina, a bad*** Pokemon battler (who could kick your a** with an Abra in her teenage years) had little but cricicism for it (though Markus did, through mostly sheer luck in getting a load of critical hits, conquer one of Sabrina's tougher Pokemon with Epic, who had serious type disadvantage). Sabrina has pressured Markus into tapping into some latent Psychic abilities he's had, but Markus has more or less proven that they are very latant (not going to come out until his thirties). In short, Markus hates Sabrina with a passion. Harold's a much better dude, but he's not really able to support anyone other than himself nowaways, so Markus is stuck with Sabrina (Unless Harold wins the lottery).

There's also his dislike of luck. See, he doesn't care when HE gets the lucky crits, but when his opponent does and wins, he will be theroughly pissed and call the whole match a luck-based one. He is kind of right. He usually doesn't note luck as a factor in his sucess either.

History: Markus was born to unknown parents in Cinnibar Island. Duh, this place was a heat zone. However, his parents mysteriously got murdered at the age of ten. It was in the dark, so poor Markus couldn't see it, but he definitely was old enough for him to know what happened wasn't pretty. Many people credit it to an uncaught mass-murderer with a knack for killing off anyone related to politics (Markus'es dad was a well-respected Kanto Senator and held a high rank within the International Police before his son was born). Needless to say, that impacted him greatly. What was once a rather easygoing guy turned harsh and angry, and he would not hesitate to take the first steps in further self-defense. His father willed him a Nidoran M, one he would name Epic, and by arming himself with a Knife, he felt it was his duty to track down the murderer. However, that never came to pass-the murderer mysteriously vanished, never to be heard of again, never to be caught.

Obviously as well, the more responsible and wealthy of his two other relatives (the lesser of the two options being the unemployed and retired Pokemon Champion, his uncle Harold Litunski), Sabrina Novolos (YES, THAT'S THE GYM LEADER SABRINA. DEAL WITH IT), got custody of Markus, and she was quite cold despite the death of her brother and the drastic change Markus just wound up going through. His anger wasn’t met with tolerance, and she immediately tried to kick him into a more cool state of mind (it backfired to the point where any mention of his parents would result in Markus punching the lights out of whoever dared mention it) Her mental ability to dig into poor Markus'es mind didn't help Markus adjust, albeit it did teach him a thing or two on mental protection. Her rather brutal nature did not help Markus develop in any way, shape or form, and Harold Litunski, the uncle, had verbally assaulted Sabrina over her utter failure to raise him. The fact he was going through puberty through his latter stages was her justification for his bad behavior, but Harold knew better-He got a job and started working again in an attempt to take custody over Markus, which, although got Markus closer to his distant uncle, failed nevertheless. Markus was-and still is-vying to kick her rear end into the dirt and bury it there.

Harold, despite his shortcoming in claiming his nephew, did land Markus an invitation to an ‘event’ of sorts: a letter from the school that would restart long debates about a year-long decision made long ago, to prevent trainers from leaving home until 25. Sabrina was happy to send the irritant off, though was none too pleased to realize his good results could mean that Pokemon Trainers from the ages of 10 could be sent to her Gym again, something she hates. Markus did immediately better on all fronts the instant Sabrina was out of the equation, something that made Harold smile and Sabrina curse under her breath over (why wasn’t she a good guardian?!). Markus was thankful Sabrina didn't make too many visits either, though the ones she did weren't fun ones. In a lucky stroke (one neither side would admit to) Sabrina was embarrassed thoroughly (Or pissed off royally) when she attempted to put Markus in his place after another argument- in that instance, she wound up losing one of her better Pokémon to a Basic Pokémon like a Nidoran M, especially since she's a hater of such things as luck. That much is a family trait. However, Markus immediately gloated, Harold used that as a point that Sabrina was never doing well, and Sabrina herself was getting a few gray hairs at this point, and not out of age.

When the news arrived-that he was chosen to go on the adventure around Kanto to overthrow a 5-year decision on Pokemon Training at a young age, well, he was pleased, to say the least. Sabrina, albeit loathing of the idea (she liked the absolute lack of immature trainers that came her way), was nevertheless compliant with letting him go on the adventure-though she wants to beat Markus in such a manner that he refuses to infuriate her ever again. Harold himself feels that this will never happen, though Sabrina still has to, so she might as well crush the guy. Markus himself is looking to make himself so utterly strong, nobody, not even Sabrina, not even the Champion, heck, not even Arceus and the Legendary Pokémon could stop him. He’s dead-set on proving himself right to Sabrina, most of all, because if he proves she’s no good, well, it would do quite a bit.

Starter Pokémon: Nidoran M, AKA Epic, given by his dad's will. It's kicked the rear of Sabrina's Mr. Mime, something she considers to be one of her stronger Pokes. Then again, that was because of a load of lucky critical hits, but that hasn't stopped Markus from getting cocky (at times).

Other: He names ALL of his Pokémon after either Video Games, or Video Game Companies. He's got a thing for them. He's also really good at video games, too. Also...If you set him off particularly bad, he won’t just be angry, he'll be 'stabby.' That knife of his is really noticeable during these times. On one last note, Harold lives in Celadon city, and is so good at Pokémon Training, no Pokémon he owns is incapable of putting up a fight that would make the likes of Mewtwo and Arceus struggle. And yes, Sabrina is his Aunt.

Remember these things are PG. So stabbing or excessive violence are against the rules of the Role Plays. Also remember this journey involves just you, at no time can uber pokemon be given to you. Also as a side note this story takes place more then 20 years after "Ash" would have started his journey. Which means most of the gym leaders have changed.

Last everyone, as far as legends go, most people dont know about them which includes your characters.. They should be something that you find out about. Remember your between 14-16 and outside of your own region most pokemon are unknown.

Welcome to the team

@MGS, youll have to pick one of the trainer classes left.

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