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Default Re: Digimon: The Reckoning

Name: Anarcomon

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Role: Leader of the unofficially termed “Anarcomon’s Army”

Description: Anarcomon is a bit different from pretty much any other Digimon. He has two separate forms; a human one, which he presents in most cases, and his true form, which he takes when he wishes to fill others with fear and hopelessness. His real form is also the one he fights in.

Human- Clickeh
In his human form, Anarcomon stands about 6’6” tall and weighs a slender 145 lbs. He wears a white dress shirt and black dress pants, over which he has an ebony dress coat. His hair hangs a little past his shoulders and he wears thin glasses, even though his amber eyes are sharp and don’t need any help in seeing. He has a large pair of bird-like wings that are normally kept folded tightly against his back. He rarely uses these for flight, but instead will spread them when he wishes to present a grand and imposing figure to his “army”. He’s slender and handsome, but don’t let his outside appearance fool you…

Real- Clickeh
In his real form, Anarcomon’s literal ugly side comes into light. In his true form, he’s a towering beast of nightmares. Standing at roughly fifteen feet at the shoulder, Anarcomon weighs about 1500 lbs and could give Lucifer himself bad dreams. His basic build is that of a six-legged dragon, with each leg looking like it belongs to a different animal. His scales are an unpleasant shade of pus-green and constantly appear to be melting. His eyes turn a bright yellow with black irises. Random spikes protrude from his body, and one of his two tails has an extra paw growing out of it about halfway down. On his back there two red eyes and a gaping fanged mouth, but these are rudimentary and actually have no purpose (the eyes can’t see and the mouth doesn’t connect to Anarcomon’s lungs or stomach to assist in eating or breathing). Two horns curve from the back of Anarcomon’s skull and a third juts from his forehead. In this form he keeps his wings, and though he can fly with them, he rarely uses them for that. Their main purpose is to attack.

Personality: Anarcomon is cruel, cunning, and capable of selling a demon his own horns. His greatest strength lies not in the fact that he’s a powerful Mega level, but in his ability to twist others with his honeyed words. He doesn’t possess the power to actually hypnotize others, but his carefully planned comments and speeches make others fall under his sway, and he can get others under his suggestion without any real effort. To break out of this mental trap is a difficult one, to say the least, as Anarcomon twists a person’s perceptions and believes. He can make white seem like black, up seem like down, and enemies seem like friends. In terms of influencing others, you could consider him the Digimon equivalent of Hitler.

Anarcomon cares for no one but himself, not even his partner. The only thing he might feel towards Keith is a desire to keep him alive, but not because of any feelings of affection or friendship. The only reason he keeps Keith alive is for the power that comes from their bond. If not for that boost in strength, Keith would have probably been slaughtered a long time ago. In fact, one could even go so far as to say Anarcomon is disgusted by Keith, thanks to the human’s mental incapacities. He spends as little time near the human as possible, making his followers care for the human as needed.

Anarcomon’s one true desire is to destroy the Major Streams that both connect the two Worlds yet keep them apart. He feels that others have failed because it is his destiny to rule over human and Digimon alike, especially since no other who has tried to take over the worlds has had a partner before.

Anarcomon doesn’t necessarily hate anyone or thing, short of Keith, but he feels a strong disdain for those trying to stop him. Since he believes his eventual rule over the Worlds is inevitable, he sees the efforts of the “True DigiDestined” to be utterly in vain. While he doesn’t hate them, as state before he is a rather cruel being and takes immense delight in causing others grief and suffering.

History: There isn’t much to be said about Anarcomon’s past, really. When he hatched from his DigiEgg, he Digivolved to his Ultimate form of Chaomon within a few months. From then on he watched as other Digimon, and humans as well, vied for dominance of the Worlds. At first finding their ambitions foolish, Chaomon eventually started to become disdainful for all those who were attempting, and failing, to impose their rule over others. It soon grew into a desire to prove how inefficient they all were, and that their place was to serve a true master, a true King.

However, Anarcomon was always highly intelligent and knew that as he was, he would never be able to become the “one to rule them all”. He worked towards achieving his Mega form, doing so in record time and able to hold it almost immediately. After that point, he started to amass his followers, starting with one or two easily influenced Digimon here and there. As the number of followers under his lead grew, he started going to various villages, plying his way of thinking and tainting the beliefs and values of both corrupt Digimon and just ones.

Once he had a large number of followers, Anarcomon started sending them to the Real World, knowing that even though he was powerful on his own, he would need the extra strength that only Digimon with human partners could obtain. Over the course of several weeks, hundreds of humans from around the world were brought before the beast. It was during this period that he developed the ability to take on a less horrifying human form, finding that humans were easier to influence if they weren’t scared to death of him. None of them proved to be his partner, though, and all of them were instead added to the ranks of Anarcomon’s expanding army.

But then a young human male was brought before him, and instantly Anarcomon could sense a bond connect the two of them. The young man, named Keith, was a mentally broken human, and even because of this, Anarcomon had no need to try and manipulate him. However, he quickly grew to resent having a partner like Keith and came to despise being near the human, who he considered weak and worthless if not for the strength he unknowingly gave his partner.

As the search for his partner was being carried out, Anarcomon had also been building a specialized cannon, having long since come up with a way to effectively rule both Worlds at once. Others had failed because they focused on one or the other at a time, instead of both. Anarcomon would get rid of that hassle by making the worlds as one, and to do that he would destroy the ten Major Streams of data that connected the Worlds, yet also kept them separate and prevented them from colliding. The cannon used highly concentrated bundles of data as ammo; when fired at a Stream, the data was violently deleted.

The cannon takes a lot of energy to fire and the Data Streams are constantly moving across the Digital World, making it hard to locate them in the first place to destroy. So far, Anarcomon has only managed to eliminate three of them.

Additional Information: Anarcomon controls a massive army of Digimon that he has amassed over the months, and it only continues to grow. The army mainly consists of Champion and Ultimate level Digimon, with several other Megas acting as Generals. He also has a fair number of DigiDestined under his control. One of his Generals was Beelzemon before the demonic Digimon ended up becoming the partner of a DigiDesinted. Anarcomon loathes losing one with such power, though, and is more interested in earning his General back (as well as two other possible additions to his army) than destroying him for being a “traitor”.
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