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Default Re: My Own Sprite Pokedex #001 -

Originally Posted by JCCOO7 View Post

Well that was in depth I never knew sprite making was so deep. I'm only here to make nice looking pokemon and not in it to win artist pixel master of the year !

But if they are proving an eye saw for yourselfs I will take my pokemon sprites elsewhere.

Haha, yes, spriting takes a lot of talent, work and precision. It's quite amazing how much effort goes into a sprite sometimes. For some really good inspiration, I would suggest checking out threads such as Speed-X's gallery and Kyoune's shop. They are both fantastic spriters! It's mainly a matter of practice while using the right techniques. ^^

At no point did I say they were eye sores. xD And no, taking them elsewhere is not the solution. I thought I'd let you in on some tips on how to improve is all. If you would like to learn and grow, staying here and working on your sprites in the right environment would be a good idea. And chances are that anywhere else, people will provide advice similar to mine, so...yeah. xD

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