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Granted: Here's your computer, made of windows, which doesn't actually work! That'll be one bottle of glue remover, please! *Takes glue remover and removes the glue from his billion dollars*

Alright then, now I want 100 Trillion Dollars in 100 dollar bills, that aren't magic/carnivorous/evil/fake, for me to NOT be mugged until I spend ALL the money I get from said billion dollars, and NOT have any reason to leave the money there occur. The mugging cannot be affected by this wish or the corruption I know is going to occur, nor can anything teleport the money away, as that counts as mugging, and me forgetting about the money counts as a reason to leave the money there, and nothing can come WITH the money to prevent me from immediately taking it. There can also be no substances on the dollar bills that prevent them from being spent immediately after I pick them up.
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