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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][1/9]Open

Reserving a spot please~

As an Aerial Artist~

Name: Shay Miru
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Class: Aerial Artist
Specializations: Shay has incredible improvisations skills and has a natural skill for being an adept and hard to beat battler. Her tactical skills coupled with her fast thinking make her a trainer that many are unable to beat. Due to her being what people would call a train-aholic, she knows how to survive in the wilderness and live off the land. Shay spends more time with Pokemon than people, therefore understands them far better than her own kind.
Appearance: This picture belongs to me. Steal and die.

Shay stands at 5í6, weights around 120 pounds. A young female athletic body is hidden under a slate grey hoodie that seems just too big for her [the sleeves can zip off for a vest, and black slacks with a single white line down the sides of the leg. Even wearing a hood, she wears a faded teal Gatsby hat with a blue tie around it on her head. Her skin is slightly tan, despite the heavy clothing, and is quite the looker in past male views. Her face is calm and flawless, greyish blue eyes seem to glow under her shaded face, giving her that enigmatic ambiance. Should she not be wearing her sweater, underneath is a carmine, form fitting tank top with rune-like markings all over it in a dull red that is just a few shades from the carmine itís printed on. The popular choices of black fingerless gloves and wrist bands to match are also part of her swag.

Accessory wise, Shay only has two things: a back pack, and a necklace. The backpack is a new medium sized school bag. The necklace is a simple silver chain and a trinket as its main centre piece. A pewter S in the shape of a general dragon.

Personality: Shay has grown away from people, and therefore isnít much of a people person anymore. She acts seemingly cold and arrogant at a first impression, sometimes even ignorant to the person as well; however she isnít truly like that at heart. Inside is a caring person, though seems to care more for Pokťmon than human beings, and wonít hesitate to help someone in need. This impulsiveness however is often followed with her commenting something along the lines of incompetence towards the person she just helped. Her lack of socializing with other people has worn away at her ability to properly talk to a person in most cases, sometimes leaving her to outburst angrily at someone when they poke at something personal either about her or her past. This may also grow to violent tendencies where Shay is not afraid to pin someone up against a wall to get someone off of her back about something, or even someone elseís if they dare go that far. Even with that Shay tries to remain as cool and collected as possible at all times, even giving the false hint that she doesnít care about what others may think.

Underneath the hardened exterior is a very loving person who is incredibly loyal and selfless and would give up her life for a dear friend, though those kinds of friends she does not have many of. Shay isnít one to talk about herself, and it is incredibly hard to get her to do so. She often feels awkward talking about herself if put in the situation, as it makes her feel self centered and attention hungry. She often distances herself from other people to prevent this sort of interaction and wonít hesitate to do some odd or crazy things to maintain this distance. This applies to her fantastic battling skill, applying and any every possible option to come out victorious or to make an escape. Though she thinks of any and every option to gain a victory in battle, she will not use dishonorable tactics, or fight dirty. However, if itís her fighting another person, itís a slightly different story.

Overall Shay is a person that is hard to gain the trust of, but when you do, she makes a wonderful ally. If you donít though, she makes an incredibly worse enemy.

History: Shay was born in raised in an off-the-beaten-path ranch in Johto by her two parents. As an only child that was mostly home schooled and raised around Pokemon, Shay learned to love them as people, rather than know how to interact with people themselves, aside from her parents. The ranch was more of a hatchery, where Pokemon were bred and kept in good care. Pokemon eggs, either found or dropped off due to being found of that a person couldn't care for it, we also taken care of here. Shay quickly grew an understanding for Pokemon, and learned how to battle with them at a young age. Her parent's Pokemon often battled for her, rather than Shay having her own. This is where she got her skills as a battler and started to learn ways of quick thinking and making the best use of impulsive action, learning various Pokemon's weaknesses and strong points, and adapting a battling style surrounded in improvisation combined with skill. As shay grew oler, she wandered around Johto with her parents, sometimes visiting what she always remembered as the valley of Charizards. She loved the orange dragon's so much, often wishing for her own. One day on a visit to the Charicific Valley, Shay was sent on a hike on her own, with her parent's Gardevoir and Torterra. As Shay rode on the giant turtle's back, enjoying the shade of the tree, she stumbled upon something odd, caught in the rocks of a nearby stream. Curiousity took over and she saw that the object was a Pokemon egg, an orange one that seemed just a bit faded. The girl took it with her on her travels and when she returned, showed it to her parents and immediately asked if she could keep it, as if she had found a lost Growlithe. Her parents were Pokemon egg experts, and noticed that it was a faded Charmander egg. Why it was found in a stream only meant it was rejected for some reason or another, and how their Gardevoir acted when it tried to sense anything particular about the egg confirmed it wasn't a normal egg. Never one to abandon potential life, Shay's parents let her keep the egg as they returned home to Blackthorn. As time went on, and with very vigilant and critical care that Shay gave the egg, it eventually hatched into a Charmander, much to her happiness. However, upon looking at the charmander, she noticed it was golden, rather than the usual orange, and a bit smaller than the average scale of a newborn Charmander. Her parent's hadn't seen a golden Charmander before, though it appeared to be healthy for the most part. Shay loved the Charmander dearly and took the greatest care of her, naming her Asharas and finally becoming a proper Pokemon trainer. As years went on, the two became inseperable, however as Shay got older, it was apparent to her parents that she had not much contact with other kids, even those her age. It was then they decided to spend a few years on Kanto, where Shay was given the chance to take on the league her parent's first attempted: Indigo Plateau. Though now a teenager, still having Asharas as a Charmander, she didn't like the idea at first, but she figured it would be a good way to become a better trainer by seeing how her parents started out. Battling she knew was her strong point, though socializing, was not.
Start Pokemon: Asharas, a female shiny Charmander
Obtained: Hatched from an egg found on a hike, see history for more details.
Other:(anything else, you like to add that will come up)
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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