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Default [RP] Dreamwalkers

The wondrous world of Pokémon as we know it is full of dreams and ambition of freshly sparked spirits. From all over the globe, Trainers, Coordinators, Breeders, Gym Leaders and those of the Championship all convene together with the Pokémon they know and love dearly. Even times seem unusually peaceful around the world, but no one bothers to complain, peace is something hardly achieved on such a large scale. People did not need to worry about large criminal organizations trying to rule the world, tampering with the balance of nature, or on their own wayward path to power. Everyone could sleep easy…

Or could they sleep…?

Only a few months ago, an odd illness has spread from the reaches of Unova and Kanto, one that puts a person and Pokémon into a great state of insomnia, seemingly, not affecting the person in much of any way health wise. However some humans and Pokémon, needing their sleep, were affected greatly, such species as Abra were beginning to lose their abilities, being unable to perform tasks properly or comprehend reality. Doctors worked around the clock to find ways to bring these people to a restful sleep, and when they did, they had thought they had succeeded when patients were starting to sleep for days, catching up on their lost hours.

Sleep they did, and was all they ever did…

After an abnormal amount of time in slumber, those affected with the previous insomnia, were stricken with a never ending sleep. In a coma like state they slept for days on end, some showing signs of nightmares, some being able to speak slightly within their dreams. Some were even able to sleep walk and keep themselves up kept, but never truly waking up. The epidemic seemed to have no solution for it, even with scientists, mystics and even philosophers trying to come up with a theory as to why this was happening. Dubbing the odd illness ‘Insomance’, many believed there was an unbalance between Darkrai and Cresselia causing both the incredible levels of insomnia and sleep. Having something to blame the issue on, many were starting to feel a broken bond between Pokémon in general. Unknown to everyone else, the legendary Pokémon that represented the moon were not to blame.

But something was…

So there you were…finally managing to find your way to sleep, after being stricken with insomnia for a long amount of time, too long. You find yourself wandering a forest, one with linking groves here and there, where ultimately, you came to a small fountain. There, you see other people, some confused as to where you had come from, wondering if they were dreaming a vivid dream. You have an odd urge to look at your C-Gear, Poke Gear, Poke Nav, finding it’s acting oddly in a way it never did before. Soon enough, you realize this is not a dream, and you are not asleep, but awake, in some odd place of light headedness and mystery. A large, shadowy, wispy being appears, looking like a Pokémon of some kind. Impulsively, your Pokémon attack it, defeating it quickly with a joint effort, having the beast fade away into nothing. After a moments time, a white blazing dragon appears before everyone, flapping its fiery wings, looking down upon you all.

'People of sleepless ambition, you have been granted the ability to walk the path of dreams. To never sleep, is to be able to fully submerge one’s entire mind into sub reality of people’s dreams, and also their nightmares. I am Reshiram, the embodiment of truth, and am here to warn you of the darkness of eternal sleep plaguing both Mon and Man. Use the Entralink to travel the mirror world of the subconscious and vanquish this entity. You may traverse both your world and the Entralink at will with your devices to aid you. Should you fall to rest however, you will remain so, forever…'

With that Reshiram was gone, leaving you and the others wondering…given this task, to fight the anomaly known as Insomance, is it possible to cure the world of insomnia and hypersomnia?

Playing as a Dreamwalker means that your trainer is plague with unusual insomnia that does not handicap their mental or physical state. They have the ability to go between the Real World and Entralink world, [a world exactly like the real one, only inhabited by odd, shadowy creatures known as the Insomnace] and defeat Insomance Pokémon and Person with their own. A Dreamwalker that loses or has their C-Gear/Poke Nav/Poke Gear destroyed, may not traverse worlds until it is replaced.

Insomance is an infecting, odd lifeform that is clinging to the subconscious of people and Pokémon alike. They come in an identical appearance to that of which they are clinging to, be it human or Pokémon, only in a solid black and purple form with white eyes, and blue wisps burning from their bodies. Having these beings attack you enough will result in your trainer falling into eternal slumber. If one of your Pokémon is defeated by these beings, they will also fall into eternal slumber. Defeating the Insomance that has put a Pokémon or person asleep, will result in the affected people/Pokémon, waking up, but being cured of both sleepness and sleeplessness. They only appear in the Entralink world.

Da Rulez:
  • No godmoding, flaming, spamming disrespecting other people.
  • Have fun! Yes, this is required.
  • Short posts are perfectly fine. We are not going to kill you for a single paragraph post, but remember, theres a difference btween one line and one set o a few sentences. ^^
  • Please let us know if you're going to be absent, inactive or are leaving the RP. No one is going to bite your head off if you do, but we'll still be sad about it.
  • Romance is allowed, but keep it PG 13, anyhing above that, move it to PM please, there are youngun's about!
  • Please keep cursing to a minimum. Mild curses are alright, but this isn't a Gordon Ramsey reel.
  • Ask questions if you're not sure! Nothing wrong with asking even the simplest of questions!
  • Again, have fun!

Sami "Sammy" Faller
Entralink, Unova

There was hardly a cloud in the quiet endless sky. A soft breeze passed through the fort of trees that seem to stretch beyond the eye could see. Sami was busy climbing these green and rugged towers, almost as if she were keeping a look out. Beside her was her Togetic, Truist; the small fairy-like Pokémon hovering in the air, his little wings flapping almost like a Beedrill’s. Below them, a soft snoring could be heard from a larger than usual Typhlosion. The bear-like being was having her occasional nap after having her usual snack. It wasn’t so much of a nap due to the insomnia everyone was struck with, but it was good to rest one’s eyes regardless.

“I think this place expands all over the world…there some mountains in the distance even.” Sami spoke as she gazed upon the wide landscape. “I wonder if special Pokémon live around here. I read up on it and there is said to be special circumstances of which you can meet special kinds.”

‘Oh Sam you read too much, exploring is where it’s all at!’ Truist explained. ‘I’m just glad this whole, Dreamwalker thing has allowed you to understand me better.’

“Yes, I can understand what Drae says in her half naps now.”

Drae might have had insomnia, but she still liked to pretend to sleep, and pretend to mutter as she did so as well. The one Pokmon of Sami’s who was really taking advantage of the no sleep clause was Shudo, a somewhat bipolar Scyther who was working on unifying his mind. No doubt he was sitting in some tree with his eyes closed, at least to Sam’s thoughts. Sami enjoyed the Entralink world entirely, she almost didn’t want to return to the real world. She had guessed since the incident with Reshiram, she had spent the most time here, looking for ways to stop the Insomance and return the world to normal.

“If she keeps eating all the food, we’re gonna have to go back to the real world to get more.” Sami thought aloud. “Get those crackers we all like and more Moo Moo Milk.”

‘Enough so that Drae doesn’t drink it all on us again?’

“Yes…exactly. Orr maybe we could ask one of the other people we met?” Sami suggested looking upwards at the sky. “That sounds really lazy though…”

‘Yes, yes it does.’
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