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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Eight Up!

It was at this time Flaym came back, dragging a few rubbery wires in his mouth and making it quite clear it was distasteful to do so. <I cut these down. They should do a good job, as rubber is very strong and bends rather than break. If we bind him tightly, he will not be able to escape.> He stated. <One of you will have to do it, however. I cannot tie with my hooves.>

“I will do it, and then I am going to have a nice long nap.” Shadow stated dryly. “Put them down next to him and I will be there in a moment, just as soon as Shira finishes tending to my-” he hissed as the disinfectant seemed to hit a very tender area and in reaction jumped forward, although his remaining leg simply couldn’t support him due to exhaustion and collapsed. This knocked his chest and the fragile ribs within, and the hedgehog suddenly found himself unable to draw in any air whatsoever.

Before his brain could fully register the situation and start panicking, he heard Uxie’s voice enter his mind. <Just keep calm; you are able to have a proper substitute for breathing by focusing on your Aura.>

<My Aura? I’m not an Aura User.>

<No, but you use Aura to survive even when breathing or to start launching an attack. It is energy...When you run low on Aura, you become tired. When you have too much, you become hyper. Aura Users turn their energy into an actual attack, but many others, even Chaos Users, use it to simply survive. Even Chaos has Aura. Chaos Energy adds power to an attack for others, but is processed into the energy of the attack and loses its signature. The signature Aura when you launch an attack is lost in a similar way. It is balance; Aura is the energy while Chaos is the power behind it. Together they form the core behind any attack.>

The hedgehog shuddered as he tried to focus, but his eyesight was already starting to blur. <Well, that explains quite a bit actually. I’m having trouble focusing...How the hell do you fight doing this? I’m going to pass out!>

<You will become better with practise.> The Legendary stated, before falling silent.

<Joy...> He snarled to himself, focusing on his Aura. He heard Shira moving behind him, and wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do when suddenly he found himself being yanked backwards to a sitting position. He turned his head to glare at her, having realized she had pulled on his quills to get him up. <What was that for?!> He suddenly realized that, while the desire to breathe was still burning in his chest, it had almost felt like something had “clicked”. His vision had returned to normal, which in general was a good sign, although he made sure to keep focusing on his Aura. He was afraid that if he didn’t stay focused, he would start trying to breathe again. With his ribs in the state they were, it wouldn’t end well.

“Well what’d you expect me to do? Your lungs were being crushed, and due to your broken ribs and injured back, I couldn’t pull you up that way.” She remarked. “If you’re wondering, it was Kabops’ idea.”

He glanced at the Kabutops who was still twitching and babbling about fish, raising an eyebrow. <Really.> He stated, shaking his head before stumbling to his feet. <Sorry about jumping away; the disinfectant hit a really sensitive area on my back. Are you almost done with treating my wounds?>

The white feline gave a nod. “Yes, they’re almost done. It shouldn’t be too much longer. I should be able to heal your broken leg at least, since it’s been set straight again. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to do that for the ribs; something might go wrong because of their small size.”

<All right. My ribs will heal on their own, so don’t worry about them.> He stated, shrugging. <Regardless, they aren’t causing any problems for me anymore. Despite the overwhelming desire to breathe, an immortal’s ability of not needing oxygen is actually quite useful...Even though this is my first time.>

She raised an eyebrow. “So I take it you’re not breathing right now?” At his affirmative, Shira seemed a little surprised. “How is that even possible?”

<As my Legendary friend told me, Gods and Legendaries can focus on their Aura and use that to survive. They don’t need to breathe, it just helps with rejuvenating Aura and feeling good, I think. If immortals could die from suffocation, we would not be around anymore. I’m not sure if Nazo can perform the same feat given his abilities, but maybe he can. I will have to test him. At the very least it will be humorous if he cannot.>

“Interesting...But Nazo’s alive? I thought you had gone to kill him?”

<I never intended to kill him if possible. When Iyoku discovered what had happened to Nazo and what turned him against the world, we knew he was being controlled. We were right...Although he stood no chance against Mitsumae. I nearly died myself, but...There is more to being a Chaos User than thought. Aura Users have Jinsei Purge, we have something entirely else. Long story short, Iyoku is with Nazo, Clint, and Sear. Nazo will have to face his crimes, but something tells me he will agree to it. There is good in him...He just needs the proper influence.> He stated as Shira finished bandaging his wounds.

“I see.” She paused as she backed away before walking around to his leg after he’d straightened it out onto the ground with some minor difficulty. “What was that energy signature earlier? It was powerful enough for me to sense it from wherever you had gone to.” Her hands took on the characteristic teal glow of her Aura before she placed them over the injury, the bone beginning to heal as she did so.

At this, Shadow actually gave a slightly sheepish grin. <Ah, that would have been me...> He noticed her shocked reaction. <As I was dying, Mitsumae knocked the Inhibitor Rings off me. I had never taken them off in my Biodragon Form. It was very painful...I became a creature reminiscent of Perfect Chaos. I will have to ask my friend more about it, but the power it afforded...I could not control it and shortly went berserk. But since that has happened...> He was looking at his hands. <I have felt different. I was able to use Chaos Claw without being a dragon, and my attacks are far more powerful; enough for them to leave dents where they would just scratch before. I am somewhat unsettled by the change, which was brought about only an hour or so ago now that I think about it...>

“Well it’s obvious that it’s given you stronger abilities, and you haven’t seemed to have any trouble controlling them, so I wouldn’t be complaining.” She stated before standing up, her job finished. “Your leg bone’s repaired now; you should be able to walk around.” Although, seeming a little tired from the amount of energy she’d used, she sat down shortly afterwards.

<Well, I’m not about to abuse it. That always leads to trouble...> He stated, standing up. <You’ve used a lot of your Aura up, Shira. I can sense you are weak. Just rest and relax right now.> As he approached Sonic, Flaym was satisfied and left his Trainer to lie down beside Shira to share his warmth. Shadow, in the meantime, took the cables and first tied Sonic’s legs tightly. When the hedgehog made no motion of waking, he took his arms and placed them behind his back to tightly bind them. <That should do it. The worst he could do now would be to inch his way slowly towards us...Very scary. It’s a pity...He’d find all of this rather amusing if he was in his right mind and not dealing with all the aggression.>

“I suppose.” Shira stated with a nod before glancing in the direction of the fight occurring at the coastline. To her surprise, it was still going on, and she briefly wondered how long it would continue; obviously the Monogatari and Legendaries didn’t gain the titles they held for nothing. For all she knew, Mitsumae and Suicune could have saved the city from countless fatal blows by now considering how long they had been in combat against Kyogre and Groudon.

<Suppose? You know him better than that from the stories and news, I’m sure. Sonic finds practically anything amusing when he tries...Although in no way do I often find his stunts funny. It took forever to get the paint out of my fur when he decided I needed a ‘makeover’.> Shadow responded, shaking his head.

<Yes,> Flaym spoke up, lowering his head and enjoying the attention Shira was giving him by stroking his muzzle, <he is quite peculiar. He attempted to catch me, in which I knocked it back and hit him square in the face. His response was, “What a fastball!”. Guess what Poké Ball he had tried to catch me with.> The Rapidash mused, a slight tint of amusement having leaked into his otherwise monotone voice. Shadow’s facepalm didn’t go unnoticed, either.

The feline snickered before she replied. “There’s only so much that you can tell from news reports. I’m sure there’s a side of him that doesn’t show up when the camera’s rolling.”

<No, I’m pretty sure what you see is what you get in this case. Goofy and fun...Although he is rather good with Grape, as much as I don’t like saying it. Kid wants to be just like his 'Uncle Sonic'. It worries me sometimes.> Shadow responded. <But you often don’t see him actually buckling down and growing serious, I suppose. The jokes stop, the smile goes away...It’s almost like a switch was flipped. Of course, it rarely lasts. He finds no joy in being serious all the time, and it seems even a few minutes is too much for him.>

“Interesting. Earlier, he mentioned that Suicune had been traveling with him; do you know if he actually caught her or is she just ‘along for the ride’?”

<She had agreed to train Sonic to better fight Reiki, who nearly killed him and Camille,> Shadow bristled on that, <so she met up with us. However, she succumbed to the darkness...Sonic convinced Shadow’s friend,> he had sensed Shadow didn’t want to say Uxie’s name, <to reveal to him the location she had gone. From that point, she went berserk and infected Sonic not once, but twice. He forced a fusion with Suicune which got rid of nearly all of her negativity. From what I know, Sonic, even in his wounded state, followed Suicune to where she had left. She had grown angry that he was nonchalant about the poison, he told me. Sonic had been considering asking Suicune to join him...She agreed that it would be best for her to have a Poké Ball to avoid the same thing happening, as Sonic would not be able to help her next time.>

The Rapidash paused, collecting his thoughts. <Since then…Suicune and Sonic have grown very close. They share a brother-sister bond, but at times Sonic may act older or Suicune might. He does what he can to comfort her over his worsening condition despite how terrified he is of it himself. He hides his fear, putting on a smile to put her at ease. She does what she can to help with his suffering. They enjoy each other’s company immensely…Sonic is the only one who can seem to bring out the pup in Suicune, and she is quickly growing into the only one who can bring out his old self. I no longer think she is ‘along for the ride’…And Sonic dislikes thinking that he is her Trainer. To him, they are good friends. To be honest, I believe Suicune is having more fun with Sonic than she has in a long time. It is, admittedly, a cute relationship that I dearly hope the poison will not be able to ruin.>

“Considering the incident with the towers in Ecruteak, I can’t blame you.” She stated. Although, judging by what he described...Do they have a slight crush on each other? ...Would that even work? She added to her chain of thought after some extra contemplation.

<Suicune told Sonic her story, but he remains silent on it. He refuses to tell any of us. He spoke rather wisely, however…He told us that it was not his story to tell, and that if Suicune wanted us to know it she would tell us herself. Sonic knows when to keep a secret, but something tells me Suicune didn’t even ask him to keep it.>

She nodded. “Something like that can take a while to be told.”

Flaym snorted a puff of smoke. <Indeed. That being said, I think it is a personal issue between the two. It seemed to pain Sonic even mentioning it.> The Rapidash stated. <There are many reasons why people don’t tell their stories. Some are too painful, many are uninteresting, a few are already known,> he pointedly looked at Shadow, <but most are simply because no one ever asks.>

Shadow nodded, although his attention quickly directed itself back outside as he sensed a mixture of primal and spiritual energy quickly heading their way. Inwardly he was worried, but at the same time he noted that they were not as tainted as the two Legendaries raging outside. Or rather, the proper term could be that it was not in control like the others. But who...?

Shira glanced at him, having sensed his unease. “What is it?” She questioned.

<I sense others coming. I’m not sure if they are friends or foe...But the darkness is not in control like it is with the others. Hopefully that means they have come to help.> Shadow stated, shaking his head. <If they have not, I will not be able to fight. If I do...I will use up what little Aura I have left. Even for an immortal it is fatal to run out.>

Geez Flaym, can you get anymore Skye? XD

Shadow discovers a perk to immortality, and pretty much learns a bunch of new little moves to play around with. Something tells me he'll be a good electrician.
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