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------------------------------------Optimum: Script Of Time----------------------------------------

Back in ancient history, in the world of Dragonia, our ancestors have bonded with different kinds of creatures. The very first people who have created a bond with these creatures, called Kylie, are named the Royal Family. During this time, however, other tribes wanted to use Kylie for evil purposes and wanted to exterminate them from this world. One main group that did the most damage was called the Azkaer. (Az-Kar) The Royal Family took it upon themselves to become the protectors of the Kylie. There was great war for years. This was considered as the first great war or the Dead War. The Royal Family won the war with the help of its allies. They used ancient magic to create a different world for the Kylie to live. For centuries, the world has lived in peace with the otherworld called Magnus but not in peace with itself. There was war everywhere in the world and almost every time, the Royal Family was the one to stop all sides from war. Their tribe got so powerful, that it caused great fear to the other tribes. The other tribes bound together and completely wiped out the existence of the Royal Family-or so they thought. The Royal Family anticipated this to happen and gave custody of the Royal Family children to farmers and people with no tribal relation. They also hid their secrets in tombs, caves, forests, in the sea, and other places. They hoped the next generation to become the new Royal Family and guide it to a different motive. A motive that will have peace with the world. But that motive was lost. There was no Royal Family for 3 generations. But one day, stars fell from the sky, and the sky lit up auroras everywhere. This was a sign that this generation would be the revival of the Royal Family. But now, things have changed. Two generations ago, there was a group called Kira. Their goal is to bond the two worlds and create a new world. They had double-agents in Magnus who wish the same thing. The scattered Royal Family members tried to stop them, but they were successful, however, they have only slowed the process of the formation. Thus causing Kylie to leak from Magnus into Dragonia. With each generation, the worlds form closer to each other. With the 3rd generation, the worlds are almost formed into one. The scattered Royal Family, gave this generation the power to contract with the Kylie and use them to complete the mission that the scattered Royal Family left for them. This however did not get accomplished. A tournament has been created where you battle each other with their Kylie alongside them. This world tournament has hidden the whole purpose of the mission the Royal Family has left. There was also an group called the Organization who continues the mission Kira has left for them. To bring the worlds together. Now with no one knowing about the formation of a new world, no one to stop it, and the Organization currently completing the mission Kira has left, is there hope?

Your Mission:
Good- Your mission is to stop the formation of a New World and to put an end to the Organization.
Neutral- You have no boundaries. Your mission is what you make of it.
Evil- Your mission is to destroy all forces of good and to help out the formation of the world. Or whatever your mission may be, go for it.

-------------------------------------------SU FORMAT------------------------------------------------

Personality: (At least 5 sentences)
History: (At least 10 sentences)
Kylie: (name, powers, and appearance if you have any)
Other: (If you’re a member of the Royal Family, Organization, or any other tribe that existed, state here and how you got in or realized that you have relation)


-NO PLAGIARISM (Copying from another T.V show. Be creative)

-Respect all players
-You cannot use the knowledge of a weakness of a player unless you find it out in the RP.
-Each player can have up to 3 characters.
-Each player can have up to 5 Kyrie. But its extremely hard to get one Kyrie.
-You cannot defeat a Kyrie. They are just sent back to their world once their defeated.
-If you have a great power, then you MUST have a great weakness.

*Other rules may be mentioned later on in the RP or SU*

Things You Need To Know

-A player can live up to 700 years.
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