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Default Re: Is this a good team?

Originally Posted by pkmmaster-chill View Post
im new to here and i wanted to tell u my unstoppable team ok all of my pkm r lv100 and shiny ok here i go
dialga, i have not been beaten yet and my current ranking is 64-0 i have been battling alot but i think someone is gonna come along and beat me can anyone give me any tips on making that team better
Hey dude - I understand you're new around these parts. I'll let you in on a few things :)

1) Your post here is actually against the forum rules Dx You see the post above yours? That person posted here two months ago - I'm afraid you're not allowed to revive dead threads

2) You haven't told us much about this team - what are their stats? Tell us things like Nature, Base stats etc. And also, no wonder you're going to win with a team full of these Legendaries. These Pokemon would be classed as "Ubers" if I'm not mistaken. I don't know much on Pokemon Battling, but I do know that a majority of Pe2k battlers use the rules of "No Ubers" - therefore we don't use a lot of Legendaries. Click HERE to get an understanding of Competitive Pokemon Battling. :)

3) Feel free to head on over HERE and introduce yourself by clicking this button: - this way you can introduce yourself to the whole Community!

4) Be sure to read the rules of this forum, which are located HERE - trust me, they help!

5) Finally, be sure to have a good time! A great thread that tells you what you can do here is THIS.

Have fun around here and, if you need any help, feel free to message any member here - including the Mods!


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