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Default Re: King of the Hill

As you are NOT a Rules Lawyer, you cannot use those rules against me.

Pit: Again, I'm not-

*Avalon shoves a rock into Pit's mouth*

Moreover, because you put your specified action into parenthases, which law enforcement are entitled to reading, you're jailed for claiming to hack my profile-which is by law enforcement standards, is a threat to hack it, and is treated as a crime. Moreover, trolls-which are the only users of trollfaces-cannot be allowed to claim the Hill via being a Rules Lawyer due to the nature of 'Insane Troll Logic.' Moreover, your hacking attempt was clearly a failed endeavor because my last post still contains refrence to me 'Claiming the Hill.' In addition to the above, your post refrences a 'latios,' not the last poster, I, 'Latio-Nytro,' and henceforth, you have not targeted the correct person for your 'hacking' to count as claiming the Hill, as you have failed to state how you've wrested control and ownership of the Hill away from me. Henceforth, you are forced to give me the Hill back during your jailing...


...And I claim the Hill.
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