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Default Re: The War on Drugs

Originally Posted by Phantom0990 View Post
I'm straight edge, so yeah. I'm against drugs, very much so. I'm also against drinking. VERY against it. Since my mom is in a wheelchair because she was hit by a drunk driver.

No drug is less harmless than another. True, pot might be 'weaker' or there are 'soft' drugs, but it's not just the drug itself. It's the person taking it. The person who get's high then decides to go out and drive. The person who overdoses on perscriptions. The drug didn't make them take that drug. It's an inanimate object. It's a person's will that did it. Their option to say yes to taking it. Addiction begins with the first time you use. It may not be strong, it depends on the person for that.

There is no such thing as a 'harmless' drug. 420 is worse than tobacco smoke, plus in younger users it can **** up your life in other ways; like verbal and even learning skills. So I don't even want to hear how it's 'harmless'. Especially since I had a cousin die recently because he decided to drive to the store to get food while high and crashed, killing himself and injuring two others.

You might argue that, well, not everyone is like that. I say that's true. But making drugs legal and more readily available doesn't improve the chances that those idiots won't get ahold of those drugs.

And I'm actually for making things dry again here in the US.
Making something illegal doesn't really help. Drug usage isn't rampant because they're legal. In reference to Voices post above, the legal status probably makes things worse. Kids thinks its "cool" to do it because its prohibited. They start young and continue to participate in this behavior. Not that I don't see where you're coming from, but human psychology makes it a bad road to take. Nobody likes being told what they can and can't do.

Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
Just because stupid people do stupid things on drugs doesn't mean drugs make you stupid.

I still believe above all in giving people a freedom of choice in life. Know what'll reduce these occurrences of death and mental impairment? Education, something the USA lacks big time on. Teach people about the dangers instead of just telling them not to do all drugs. Instead our society has this giant taboo and the people that do take drugs tend to take them to get really ****ed up. The key is everything in moderation. Trust me, I smoke weed everyday (but not a ridiculous amount) and have done so for the past 3 years. The side effects are that I'm more calm and balanced in thinking, one could describe it as being more in tune with the universe. Oh, and I eat more. Yeah, there's a slight impairment in motor skill, but guess what? You get the same "impairment" from being tired.

Driving in itself is dangerous, and I'm more likely to kill someone driving tired or angry than if I've got a slight buzz (driving stoned is stupid).

So how about instead of trying to idiot-proof the place, we educate the idiots so that they aren't idiots?
I really don't think the issue is lack of knowledge. I for one, remember what I was taught in my Health classes in the public school system here in the US. The US public school system, I think, is very flawed, but I believe they did an adequate job in this regard. They explained what happened and gave a general run down of the effects that most of the more common illegal drugs were. It wasn't all "don't do this". For moderately intelligent, well balanced people, this would be a sound approach. Unfortunately, not everybody is this way. Thats what makes legislating these kinds of substances so tricky, finding an approach and attitude that works for all people.
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