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Name: Ryuuka-Jinn Masamune
Appearence: This character is 19 years old. He is 6'1 in height. He has black curly hair and is tan. He is part Japanese and part Caribbean. He is very well built and good at sports. He is very smart as well. He has light blue eyes. He does very well with guns. He always get straight A's in school and knows things his peers don't know. He is very good with technology.
Personality: Jinn's personality is calm. He is quiet but outgoing. He also likes to view the situation well before he does anything. He is a cool and sometimes energetic person. He likes to keep his cool in any situation. He thinks of any situation or problem like a chess game and the goal is the king. He can be twisted in his plan creation. For example, he would get his arm cut just to get close to an important enemy to kill him.
History: Ryuuka-Jinn was born in America to his parents, Lan Masamune and Kim Masamune. He always the center of attraction at his school ever since he was a little kid. He excelled in sports and in grades. This caused jealousy among his peers and barely had friends. He felt alone for a while. A boy named Joshua, however, made friends with Jinn. Jinn basically grew up with Joshua. One day, when he was about 10, he met a girl named Lisa. He made friends with her as well. Jinn finally felt happy. Then one day, when Jinn was about 14, a tragedy happened. Invaders from another planet attacked America. New York, where Jinn and his friends were getting ice-cream, was one of the first places that was attacked. Jinn and his friends ran to his home. His parents weren't home so Jinn got the gun that he and his father were working on, the SVU-FLASH. He went to the place where his friends were and found Lisa dead and Joshua standing over her. Jinn quietly took cover. This wasn't good. What happened? Then he heard Joshua speak. He told Lisa that he was really with the invaders. Jinn learned all what really happened. With that, Joshua left. Jinn went to the top of his rooftop at a hidden sniping area. He killed some invaders but noticed that he had no more ammo. He was doomed. Then, a helicopter came and a man with yellow hair took Jinn up and took him to an underwater city where he was trained for 5 years. He later became a Navy SEAL and others started to look at him in awe. He was asked to volunteer to become a test subject for PROJECT: SOUS. (Supreme Optics Ultimate Soldier) The project was to see if scientist were able to make a Super Soldier. However, the experiment failed. Even though the experiment failed, Jinn's physique and intellect increased by about .50 more than a Ph.D. and physique about .50 more than a bodybuilder. He also gained the power to see up to 10x what the sharpest eye can see. But his lifespan is shortened. He was shipped off from Aylia to the Intov master ship for faster deployments. This is where he stays for a while. His reason for fighting is revenge and a cure for his defect.
Place in army: Navy SEAL
What planet are you working for: Earth
-His main weapon is the SVU-Flash. It is a weapon that he and his dad worked on together. It is a regular SVU sniper rifle with a Rail Gun attachment. The Rail Gun can only shoot up to 5 times and it has an increadible recoil damage. The rail gun's cooldown is 5 minutes The SVU sniper rifle can shoot AP bullets and Ray Lightning bullets. Ray Lightning or R-Lightning bullets is a type of bullet that Jinn and his dad worked on. It's an Electrical-type bullet that explodes upon contact and electrifies the field around the impact within a 30ft radius. It is able to change the type of camo he adds to it. This weapon is Automatic. Jinn only uses this weapon on a Recon mission so he almost never uses it.
*-He also has a Automatic SLIVER and GOLD pistol. The SILVER pistol was made in an experiment by scientist. This pistol is an automatic shotgun. It's only downfall is that it's capacity is 32 rounds. It was made as an ANTI-ALIEN weapon.
The GOLD pistol was also made by scientist. It shoots small micro-laser bullets that can do alot of damage. This weapons chamber capacity is 50 and it is automatic.
-Jinn uses only one type of pistol at one time because SILVER and GOLD do not go good together.
*-He wears an Laser-proof vest and pants.
*-He has a spywatch with a storage device within it. Jinn can store any weapon he likes and touch the weapon on his watch to have it appear in front of him. He got this as a present from Intov. (This is like abc technology to Intov)
*-His final weapons are a laser katana (like a lightsaber) and 2 plasma grenades.

^Why would you make a good General?:
- Ryuuka-Jinn did not become a super soldier but his optics or vision became 10x what the sharpest eye on Earth can see. But because of the experiment, he gains a weakness. His life span has been shortened to age 45. He is currently looking for a cure to his weakness.
-He is abnormally stealthy. He trained under Raj, one of the last remaining ninjas in the world for about two years. He picked up a few tricks from him as well. He is very stealthy because of his training.

Later On...
1. Instant Regeneration - Jinn can instantly regenerate himself anywhere. This powers weakness is that if Jinn keeps on using this, he will eventually kill himself. He also cannot regenerate himself if he is dead.
2. Modify - This allows Jinn to change his body heat to adapt to his enviroment. This also allows control over 100%+ of his mind and body thanks to Intov. He can activate telekinesis. He also can modify any part of his body to do anything that a human is capable of. It's weakness is that if he does anything too much, he can eventually explode his heart.
3. Physique & Silk Skin - His physique has become 10,000,000x the strongest human on the Earth. His heart has also been modified to adapt to the change and cannot shut down from the change. He also has a Silk Skin ability. Regular bullets, AP, lasers, and melee weapons have no effect on him. What does, however, is alien nuclear technology, PHEONIX laser technology, and some MECHA technology.
>What are you smartest with?: Ryuuka-Jinn is the smartest with technology. He and his dad always fixed peoples computers and checked out modern and old technology.
<What weapons are you fluent in?: He is most fluent with the katana. Jinn was trained by his grandfather in Kendo since Jinn was about 5. He is what you would call a modern day samurai. Jinn is also fluent with pistols and Sniper rifles.

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