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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][Not Open]

Earth Trainer :
Coming from small villages all over the world, Earth Trainers focus on training pokemon that help the get direct tasks done. These trainers are considered the children of labor, they must help with maintaining their small communities as much as possible. Their pokemon are trained to help out in any way possible. While these trainers joke around they tend to be more focused on the task at hand. These trainers are not very rash in their decision making.
Pokemon Types Available
Ground, Rock, Fighting, Steel

Water Specialist :
A Water Specialist is defined as someone who is one with the water. These trainers live either on the water in floating villages or right next to big bodies of water. It said that these water trainers are more relaxed then the other classes. They tend to be very inter tangled with plant pokemon because of this love for water.
Pokemon Types Available
Water, Ice, Grass

Fire Spinner:
Fire Spinners tend to live in places that have very harsh weather year round, their towns are build on land that is almost uninhabitable. These villages are normally located near active volcanoes. Fire Trainers are known for having a hot blooded temper and their ability to over react to the smallest things. They are known for being harsh and combative with outsiders.
Pokemon Types Available
Fire, Electric, Poison

Aerial Artist :
Aerial Artist are not very fond of being on the ground. The average Aerial Artist spends 50 percent of their soaring through the air. When they are not up above they are working with their pokemon and speed. The artist are well known for being very adaptable to any situation but can be hard to work with. As they tend to focus more on their overall goals, more then others around them.
Pokemon Types Available
Flying, Dragon, Bug

Dark Mage/Light Mage :
Not much is know about the Mage class. They tend to stick together in very secretive underground communities. Though these trainers can be found wandering throughout the regions. Normally Mage's stay to themselves. Focus and Meditation are the keys to being a mage. Unlike the other communities Mages have two completely different groups. The Light Mages can be found commonly in Kanto. These mage tend to be shy but friendly. The Dark Mage on the other hand are known for not being trust worthy and secretive. They have been accused of many acts of deceit and aggression towards their bother/sister mages. Both mage groups have been observed to have telekinesis and telepathic powers. Although in most cases only the elders of each group have shown any real skill at either.
Pokemon Types Available
Light Mage:Pyschic, Ghost, Normal
Dark Mage: Dark, Ghost, Poison

Ace Trainer :
Ace Trainer is a term given to trainers that aren't specialized in any one field. Unlike the Ace Trainers of the past, today's trainers tend to be curious and a little bit rash. To be considered an Ace Trainer one has to apply to be a researcher assistant. They spend a lot of their time studying many different types of pokemon. Unlike the other classes they are given a choice of which of the special starter type they will work with. They also keep very close ties with Professor Gary Oak as part of their job.
Pokemon Types Available
Water or Grass or Fire, Normal, Fighting

Defensive Master (RPM Only)
After a long search throughout Kanto, a couple of Pokemon Masters were hired to take charge of the school. The Defensive Master is title given to the person who is sworn to protect the new trainers on this journey. Their sole job is to watch over the team. While this defender is apart of the team, they will ideally be there for just support. Defensive Master are not known for being very talkative and often have a my way or the highway type of personality.
Pokemon Types Available

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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