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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

(lol awww XD)

As Kotomi continued to sit on the bridge's railing she heard footsteps walking towards her, sensing it was a Supernatural creature. The young Vampire didn't bother turning her head at first, thinking that it was only one of her friends or family members since the person approaching her was just calmly walking. As the figure got closer however she sensed the power that radiated off of the person, bringing her to quickly look over to her left.

“What’s a pretty girl like yourself doing out here by all alone?” Aiden said as he walked up beside the dark haired Vampire and leaned on the railing. :Not thinking about jumping, I hope.”

"I, umm..." Kotomi didn't know what to say at first as she examined the male ginger, though his hair was more of a blazing red than a normal ginger color. She could sense however that this town's newcomer didn't pose as a threat towards her, though she still kept her guard up. Kotomi looked back at the water though, watching the reflections of trees, mountains and the sky in it.

"This is just a peaceful spot that I like to come to." Kotomi responded in a kind voice. The thought of this male coming off as a very powerful Vampire raced through her head however, bringing her to turn her body around and jump back on the bridge's concrete. She looked at Aiden with a serious look, though curiosity could clearly be seen in her eyes as well as she stood her ground.

"Who are you? I can sense that you're a very powerful Vampire; either an Original or just very old. And what are you doing here in Fells Church? Did you follow our group here? Why can't we just live in peace without a Supernatural being following us!" Kotomi asked fiercely, a new anger suddenly consuming her. Why was that? Normally Kotomi was sweet and kind, never to yell at anyone or even raise her voice. It was like an unexplained darkness was forming inside of her, her aura slowly changing into something dark.

“Not only her…” At the park Isobel responded as the group watched Ichiru join in with his wife and daughters at the playground. “Nineteen years ago, I would have never imagined Ichiru would have a family of his own, along with so many wonderful friends.”

The group had talked about Ichiru's past and had learned that he was quite the antisocial type towards others, though now there was absolutely no trace of that at all. The group was one big happy family now, and hopefully everything would stay that way...

"Mommy. Daddy. Watch this." Abigail said, running towards a fire pole that began at the highest point of the jungle gym, which was really high. Right before Abigail was about to grab the pole however she tripped on her own shoelace, beginning to fall down to the hard, wood-chipped ground with a frightening scream. Ashley quickly acted without saying a word, using her Vampire speed to run off of the jungle gym and throw herself hard on the ground to catch Abigail at the very last minute.

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked as Caroline, Lexi, Stefan and Isobel rushed to Ashley's side, Scarlet sitting on top of a slide and looking down in concern.

"I'm okay." Abigail responded, bringing Ashley to sigh in relief.

"Uh, Ashley... your shoulder." Stefan said as he pointed, bringing Ashley to look over and saw a thick tree branch had pierced her shoulder blade from when using both her Vampire speed and throwing all of her weight to the ground to catch Abigail.

"I didn't even feel that..." Ashley said, though the pain was starting to set in. Ashley winced as Lexi carefully pulled it out, the wound rapidly healing a few moments later.

"Are you okay mommy?" Scarlet asked, bringing Ashley to look up at her.

"I'm fine." Ashley said with a smile, looking down and re-tying Abigail's shoes. "Please be more careful." Ashley said as she looked at Abigail. The toddler nodded, standing up and walking back up the jungle gym. Ashley stood up, the Vampire sighing as she gave a small smile to her friends.

Rebekah, Finn and Kol returned to their new house, though Rebekah looked at her brothers in annoyance as she crossed her arms.

"Where's Nik?" Rebekah asked. When Klaus had left the restaurant the shield he was using on his siblings from being detected by other Supernatural beings was still up, though it was slowly fading away. Luckily Rebekah, Finn and Kol left just in time before they would had been detected.

"He just left out of nowhere. Probably got bored." Kol responded as he shrugged.

"Well we need to find him and figure out what his real plans are." Rebekah said as she sat on a black leather couch, no doubt being very expensive.

"What are you talking about? I thought he wanted to come back to life for revenge on that one group?" Finn said.

"Yes, but why did they kill him in the first place? They don't seem like the killing type at all, so what had Klaus done to be killed by them?" Rebekah added, bringing the three siblings to look at each other in wonder.
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