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Default Re: What Do You Prefer: Dubbed or Sub?

Originally Posted by gmandiddy View Post
I know how you feel. I used to watch Dubbed all the way up till Best Wishes, however as soon as I heard Iris speak, I couldn't stand her.

However, I guess if you keep watching dubbed, the voices might grow on you...
Yep, and I don't like Cilan's voice either. I love them in Japanese though.

Noooo, I can assure you that I won't. I do NOT like them. I cringe. I can't stand them. I just can't. DDDx Well, I mean the recurring ones that used to have their REAL voices, like Ash and Brock. And Team Rocket too. ;~; Nothing can be done about Meowth's voice, obviously, so his voice would be different now even if there was no contract/cast change.

But no, never. I hated every new voice once the cast was changed. I also dislike Dawn's English voice. I'm not being narrow minded, it's just that...they were the voices I grew up with and loved, and once they changed them, not only did it change the entire character for me, but it was just...wrong. It made me feel really, really frustrated when I watched it in English. DDx Plus, Ash's new voice actor is not a good actor. I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

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