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Default Re: Interactive Projects Ideas/Discussion

Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Yeah, that would be AWESOME! I think we should try to do a few soon, because I think it would be a fun alternative to having to type out the battles.
It would! Well not necessarily a complete alternative, but more like an addition. I don't think changing the rules/regulations of normal ASB reffing is a good idea. XD More like doing voice acting for them on top of doing it normally, and maybe not necessarily even posting it...well I guess you could post a link to them in the battle's thread, but I suggest having an entirely different thread purely for vocal ASB reffing. XD

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
I'm not sure what kind of alone you're referring to here--I record alone, but I'm currently in a project involving other VAs, however the writer for the project (a Halo machinima series) is the only one I'm in contact with. So are we talking about recording by yourself or VAing with only you doing lines in the finished product?

As for recording Skype calls, would a normal recording program work if you had the volume for the other person up loud enough?

Ideas so Far
  • Get VAing noticed
  • Audio-reffing ASB
  • VA Skype meet-up
  • Create other VA projects, like animated videos/comics/that sort of thing

This is what I remember seeing so far, let me know if I missed something or got something wrong.
I was meaning just recording your own lines not in the presence of another member. xD Not that you're the only one with lines.

Remember the mini-podcast. O: And don't forget, anyone is entitled to start up their own interview show as well. Maybe one specifically for a single purpose or something. Such as interviewing somebody about their story, or their art, or something. xD Or just a list of random questions that stick to a theme...or something like that. :P 'Cause the "Pe2k Member Interviews" thread is FOR other interview shows too, which is why I reserved posts at the start. It's not JUST for 21 Questions. But thinking now, I reckon maybe having separate threads for separate shows would be easier. xDD

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