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Name: Sabrina Coehlo
Appearance: She stands at a height of 5'8". She wears black high heels during battle, bringing her height to a towering 6'. She is slim in build, with a pale complexion. She wears a skin tight black leather suit. Her face is soft and gentle; she uses this to an advantage, luring prey into her trap. Her fingernails are long and sharp; capable of ripping off human flesh. She is known for her eyes; her pupils are colorless, appearing as if she has no pupils. When luring in her prey, she uses colored contacts to give her eyes a baby blue appearance. Her hair reaches down to her ankles; it is pin straight and purple. On her left foot is a scar she received when training with her grandfather.
Personality: At first glance, she appears to be a helpless woman, looking for a caring man to help her get out of the war zone. She acts like a black widow; she is manipulative. As soon as she has the trust of her prey, she kills them. She shows no emotions when killing. After a death, she enjoys celebrating by drinking the blood of her victims. She is independent in her work, reporting only to the General himself. She tends to stay away from targeting the elderly; they remind her too much of her grandparents. Sabrina suffers from a fear of hospitals, especially mental hospitals; she does not want to seek help for her sociopathic nature. She is self-conscious about the scar on her foot, and will have mental breakdowns when her scar is mentioned, looked at, or touched. After her breakdowns, Sabrina acts like a young child, and requires help from others to perform simple tasks, such as putting clothes on.
History: Sabrina has been independent and manipulative since she ran away from home when she was fifteen. At seventeen, she was recruited by the general as a soldier. She quickly worked her way through the ranks to become a spy. It has been five years since; she is now twenty-two years of age. She lives a solitary life; only communicating with others when it means she can taste blood once again. As a child, Sabrina's parents abandoned her on the doorstep of her grandparents. She was raised to resent and hate everyone around her. Her grandfather trained her in armed combat, most notably with swords. Before she ran away from home, her grandparents learned that teaching her to resent and hate was wrong, and attempted to take her to a mental hospital to correct her mental state. Due to this, Sabrina avoids seeking help from anyone, in fear that they will try to take her to a hospital.
Place in Army: Spy
What planet are you working for?: Xrosis (Attacking Earth and Hyprokure's armies)
Equipment: Sabrina always carries around the same two weapons. The first is a hunting knife she found after killing a young couple from Earth. The knife is her most prized possession, being of ancient Earth origin. The second weapon she carries is a Musket. She bought the musket from a pawn shop, with the money she looted from the same couple she get the knife from. The musket is rusted, but fires a powerful shot.

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