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Default The Dark Corner

You are a prisoner in a maximum security facility. You have been given a life sentence for your crime(s). In the lunchroom facility, you overhear that someone's planning on breaking out; they just need help. You think to yourself how much you long to see the world outside, even if it's just for one day. You decide that you'll approach the person looking to break out when you are in the recreation yard. The prisoner you approach is a large, burly man of color, who agrees to take you to the prisoner looking to escape. He warns you, however, that you might die during the escape, and if you don't die, you'll be left changed. He doesn't give you much more information other than that, and that you'll meet him in the same place tomorrow with the other prisoners willing to escape. From there, the escape will begin.

  • All PE2K rules apply
  • No god modding
  • Post in the OOC thread if you have something to say about the plot moving forward
  • Deaths/ injuries/ mutations will be determined by a random number generator.
  • 1-25 means nothing happens to you
  • 26-50 means injury. The higher the number, the more severe the injury
  • 51-80 means death. Characters will then become ghosts to aid in the escape
  • 81-100 means mutation. Mutations will be revealed in greater detail later on in the RP

Sign Up

Character Name:
Physical Description:
Psychological Description (Fears, urges, etc.):

Role Players

  • Savita (mintjelly)
  • Female
  • 1st degree murder
  • Dark, mysterious figure lurking in the shadows, locked up in solitary confinement. She possesses no body. Her shadow can take multiple forms, including disguising as a guard.
  • Stubborn, hot-headed, cold nature. Fears trust, only trusting in her right-hand man, Luther.
  • Complete darkness; she can only stay in a form other than a shadow for ten minutes.
  • Can take on multiple forms, strong leader

Scar (most duded)
  • Male
  • 5 murders and 3 robberies
  • He is a tall man who is extremely fast and strong, but is very scrawny. Has long, black hair, dark blue, bloodshot eyes, and pale skin. He has a large red scar across his eye.
  • He fears everyone he knew before the arrest and has an urge to kill every other person in his prison.
  • His weakness is the sound of his name and his family.
  • His strengths are that when he is on rampage, he will never stop until a friend, of which he has basically none, calm him down.

*I am looking for someone to be Luther, and 3-5 others for this role play*

Shun the non-believer

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