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Default Re: War of Worlds [SU & DS]

1)All PE2K rules aply.
2)NO GODMODDING! If I catch you godmodding, I will have your character killed. If you are the leader of a planet, I will be somewhat lenient on this rule. BUT NOT VERY.
3)You can control small enemies that you fight, but the leader of the planet can control bosses and large groups of their soldiers.
4)You may NOT post in the RP until you have posted here and gotten approved.
5)When you post in the RP, all posts must contain at least 5 sentences.
6)No attacking your own team unless there is a good reason.
7)The password is "Cheereo!"
8)You can not have the abilities or characteristics of another planet's race.
9)You may not steal any SU's ideas.
10)You may not steal any ideas from TV shows or movies.
11)Only the leader of planets can use bosses or large groups of soldiers.
12)Just because your a leader, doesn't mean you can boss people around.
13)Keep violence and romance at PG-13
14)Keep swearing down. If you die, don't put "**** ******* **** ***** ****"
15)One person can have a maximum of 3 characters. But if one's a leader/general, no other can be either of them.
16)No bunnying, or your character will be killed.
17)No using OOC knowledge. You cannot use weaknesses, if added in an SU, in the role play unless you find them out in the RP.
18)If you are inactive for more than a month, I will have you character killed. However, you can make a new one here. If you are a King, President, Vice President, Representative, Head Intelligence, or General, same rule exept a week. Unless you telll me before hand and it's a good reason, like vacation.

SU format
*=unmandatory /^ =f you are going for a general or leader
Appearence:10 sentances or more. (not sentences like:He is tall. Sentances like:This character is tall for his age, standing 8'6 and has always been tall.)
Personality:Same as appearence.
History:same. Should include reason for joining war.
Place in army:(General, spy, soldier,Leader etc.)
What planet are you working for:
*Equitment:what equitment do you have?
^Why would you make a good General?:
@Powers: A maximum of 5 powers. (example: Controling fire would count as 1 power). About 3 sentences a power.
>What are you smartest with?:3 sentences at minimum
<What weapons are you fluent in?:5 sentences at minimum
}*Why would you make a good President?:5 sent at minimum
>*Why would you make a good Head Intelligence?:5 sent at minimum
<*Why would you make a good General?:5 sent at minimum
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