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Default Re: Voice Acting Contest with a $100 prize - Season 2

Provided my stepdad will let me use the wifi on my laptop at my mother's house (because everything is now password-protected and only he knows how to work the stupid things), I think a Skype meeting like what was suggested on the Interactive Projects Ideas thread was a good idea, but I'd wait on GS's opinions on that one. Trying to get attention on the site would be why I suggested we get a few of the VAs on site that are still active (or new guys interested in giving it a shot, since those seem to be popping up now) and try to do something we can post up on the site to attract attention. No, I did not recall the Twitter stunt because I do not have a Twitter nor am I remotely interested in it, so I wouldn't know about that. Considering that if we were working on a project that involved more than audio or fanfiction we would need someplace to host it, so the YouTube channel would be quite useful.

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