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Default War of Worlds [SU & DS]

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The year is 2058. Earth has been targeted by two planets, and have allied one. Earth has been targeted for one thing and one thing only: One planet attacked for power. Earth was targeted by the planet Xroxis and Hyprokure. They managed to eventually make an ally out of the planet Intov. Earth has become the battle ground. The war has left damage. All around the world are injured bistanders and ruble. The only place on Earth still running is Aylia. This is a city under water. It was made for a panick city and was perfect for this war. It has maintained a government and a hidden identity. It never ceases sending out soldiers. It is hidden underneath the coral reef.

King:Ken Gheng-most duded
Allied planets:N/A
available positions:spies, warriors

Hyprokure started this war. This planet is in this war because they are looking for expansion. They own at least five galaxys, but have an army of 2000. This planet is made up mostly of super-powered beings. They had declared war on Earth unexpectadly and got them offgaurd. They wiped out the Americas in a days time. They took states at a time. The president escaped in a secret jet along with other government officials. Soon after Europe, then Asia, and finally Africa. They are currently attacking Australia. They attack in large circles, making it able to defend all sides. They have, on the edes of the circle, "defenders". These "defenders" create small force fields that things can go out, but not in. . No more is known about this planet.
Current Position:Invading Australia

Accepted SU's:
Ken Gheng-most duded
Kuxir Sixoraw-Necromancer

Allied planets:Intov
available positions:President x1, Vice-President x1, warriors, spies, war generals, super soldiers x2

Earth was in this war against their will. Since the start of the war, their population nearly halved. They needed to defend themselves. They already would have lost if it wasn't for Intov. Earth is mostly the same as today, but more high-tech. Some new inventions are hover cars, rapid fire sniper guns, teleportation devices, etc. America was wiped out on the first day of war. Europe, Asia, and Africa went soon after. Australia has been attacked and have had half of the continent invaded. One city, Aylia, still remains at large. But this planet has one advantage over the others: It has a common goal.
Current Position: Defending Australia

Accepted SU's:
Ryuuka-Jinn Masamune - timothyg016
Alex Hagar - Ninja TK

Head Intelligence:
Allied planets:Earth
available positions:Head Intelligence x1, cyborg x2, tank x1, warriors, spies

Intov can't sit and watch the underdogs being killed. They have decided to help these underdogs, Earth, until the end of the war. Once the war ends, they plan to stab the citizens in the back for resources. Since the start of the war, Intovians have been going to Earth like moths to the fire. Intov is made up of extremely intelligent people, and they are far more advanced technology wise than any other participating planet. They have inventions that are millions of years ahead of Earth, and the Kindergarteners of this planet could assemble a working teleportation device.
Current Position: Hovering above Australia in their master ship

Accepted SU's:
Cyroz Hurtigo - most duded

Allied planets:N/A
available positions:General x1, assassins x3, warriors, spies

Xrosis joined the war because they loved war. They are non-stop, merciless killers. Their whole race is one big army. Since the war started, they have gotten pumped. They get more powerful the more they kill. They have had war against Intov before, and marked them as their main target. They are constantly coming out of nowhere behind the Earth and Hyprokure's lines and killing of many. They are split in half in this war, but are still difficult targets to attack. They are the same shape of humans frome a distance, but up close, no one lives long enough to say.
Current Position:(1/2)In the Intov's ship attacking. (1/2) Attacking Earth and Hyprokure's armies.

Accepted SU's:
Sabrina Coehlo - mintjelly

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