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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: N/A

We drew closer and closer to the Beta E-117. The explosions were getting louder, and I knew it couldn't be far off from now. I looked through the slits of the APC, and the situation didn't look much better. Everything was a wreck outside, and there were still so many bodes. Damn, I knew after this, Central City would never be the same. Sure, new generations could be born and buildings could be rebuilt, but there would always be that scar in history that would never truly disappear.

From above, I could hear the Egg Carrier raining more mayhem down on the city below. That thing... was relentless. Some damage had been done to it, but definitely not as much as we needed to swing this situation around. Meanwhile, the amount of drones and Badniks razing the streets and the city blocks was getting ridiculous. Even as the APC's gunner was shooting as many of them as he could, it seriously looked like we hadn't destroyed any of them yet.

"We have confirmation Shadow has already engaged Beta," Sergeant Eight, a battle-scarred mongoose anthro, told me as the APC plowed its way through the ruined city street.

It was hard to scream over the noises and the gunfire. Still, I couldn't believe it. Shadow himself was fighting Beta? Wasn't he aware of what kind of damage that would do to G.U.N. if something happened to him? But I figured... he must not have been worried very much. That, and I really didn't know of any case where Shadow ever got seriously hurt.

"How much longer to contact!?" I shouted back to Eight.

"Not much longer now!" He shouted back, trying to speak over the APC turret fire. "Get ready, this is going to be harsh! We found out that it's a shield that keeps deflecting the projectiles! That's why the Combat Dragon and everything else we fired at it didn't do a damn thing!"

Made sense. Cheeky bastard robot. I took out my bow, although I still wasn't sure about the whole plan of attack. It required having to get close, get so close that we would still be inside its own shield when it turned it on. I was never a fan of point blank ranges like this. They were dangerous as hell.

The thrashing became louder as the APC turned the corner. I had just seen Shadow, on Beta's back, get slammed into a wall. However, the sparks were flying from its overloaded shield generator. The shield itself was flicking, no longer stable or reliable. Now was our chance. Then, it sped backwards, right toward us as it abandoned Shadow and tried to make distance, likely to acquire him as a target.

And then, it focused on us. It targeted the APC itself, speeding backwards away from us, arms locked and ready to fire.

"BAIL!" Sergeant Eight shouted. "GET THE HELL OUT!"

I made a quick dash for the back door, and quickly undid the latch. But it was already too late. The double-strength laser struck the front of the vehicle head-on, and continued burning and burrowing its way through. The front of the APC exploded in a fireball, smothering the driver and Sergeant Eight with fire. Within less than a second, the fire struck me as well, and the overwhelming force ripped the back door open, sending my body flying out. Had I not undone the latch, I would have blown up with everything else in there.

Shrapnel, flames, and twisted metal were thrown in all direction as my world tumbled, throwing me thirty feet into the piles of concrete. The APC exploded completely, leaving it as nothing more than a burning shell. When I stopped tumbling out of control, I could only lay on my back, pain and aching shooting through my whole body. My vision was cloudy, and I could only see the sky, and the pillars of smoke from burning buildings and flaming wreckage. I couldn't feel my legs, and there was... just pain. Just endless, stinging pains everywhere. So many parts of my body were covered with sticky black and red blood. I brought up my hand to see it was smeared with red blood all over it. But then I just let it go, letting my hand lay limply at my side as I was too weak to continue holding it up.

"ACE!" I heard someone scream.

I couldn't... tell who it was. Someone, but everything was blurry, and was going dark. I found it harder to breathe, and I could tell... I didn't have much time left...

"Don't... for... get..." I told them, barely able to speak as I was not even sure if it was a her or him, or if there was anyone else with them. "Tell... Sha... dow... ... Fin... ish... ... the job... Don't... stop... until... un... til it's done... We... need peace... for all..."

I just had to close my eyes. I was feeling so damn tired all of a sudden. So much fighting, pain, suffering... fire. I had seen nothing but hell today, watching the Combat Dragon get ripped to shreds, seeing screaming civilians trying to run for their lives as merciless machines made a massacre of them. And skyscrapers that took years to build just ripped in half as these damn machines paid no mind to what we had lost. It made me wonder in those last moments... how could anything so cruel ever be constructed by the living.

And I realized that it wasn't until the darkness crept in and everything went peacefully black did I suddenly release the kind of sweet release and alleviating detachment one feels after experiencing death.

I did what I could, G.U.N. The rest is in your hands. Don't do it for me. Do it for all.

(OOC: Yep, he's gone.)

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