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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger), Max (Tails), Latio-Nytro (indirectly) (Possibly sigma, although I didn't get into details this post)

Before any sort of reply could manifest, Cadence felt a light tugging originating from the lower region of her pant leg. Intrigued, as it certainly wasn’t Grace (the Snivy was usually more vocal when she wanted herself heard), the woman looked downward.

Tails. The Anthropomorphic fox was a distinctive yellowish orange, although his calling card psychical feature was no doubt his twin tails.

"Do you need any help?" he asked timidly. Good timing, Cadence was about to reply when…

The room went aglow with a blood red hue, which was immediately followed by a piercing horn. The alarm meant only one thing… the bases primary defenses had been breached. This was confirmed by the muffled sound of detonating munitions echoed throughout the building. The explosives storehouse had fallen victim to the intruding robot. Nothing else could have busted through so quickly.

Sadly, said storehouse was, in a nutshell, within throwing distance of the building they all currently occupied. This meant if the guard units didn’t get their butts in gear; things would get very ugly for them. Said notion was confirmed by the distinct sound of screech of metal on metal. It was far too close for comfort. If that wasn’t bleak enough, their communications were more likely than not compromised.

“See if there’s any sort of transmission that can get through,” she ordered, facing the rookie. He nodded and got to work without hesitation. Now, she turned to her higher ups.

“I’m going to investigate why our guards are failing to get this under control. Schrodinger, see if you can get news any news from Chakram. If his situation is anything like ours, reassure him help reinforcements are on the way,” she stated. It was risky getting anything out there, but leaving Zek venerable wasn’t advantageous. Hopefully…

“Nothing, I can’t get anything out,” the young operator blurted, absolutely terrified.

“Okay, then get to the computer and send an urgency contact to our other bases,” she stated, without hesitation.


“It works on its on signal box, which is in here. We can’t get radio communications or anything beyond the reach of this island,” she informed, avoiding the possibility of getting questioned.“Tell them we request back up, priority Alpha. Base XSA, specifically, inform them to send their reserves to aide Chakram’s unit, they’re closer than we are.” The rookie’s hands were swift, the message carefully being drafted.

Cadence had opted to be safe and have something lined up in case Zek did need help. It would spare their base the loss of desperately needed defenders.

“Sent, awaiting confirmation notice,” he stated, slightly calmer than before.

“Good,” she replied with a light nod.

Outside, the sounds of weapons firing could be heard, indicating one of two things. The first was that the guard had finally got their act together and was raining he** on the enemy. Of course, the exact opposite was possible, that the assailant was causing more damage.

The fact that they were all still alive indicated the former, or at least, a mix of the two. Either way, standing here and playing guessing games was futile.

“Message cleared, I’m awaiting feedback,” the rookie confirmed, allowing his hands to rest.

Somebody needed to get a visual on the situation, but staying here to receive the reply was also important. Hopefully, the commanders of the other bases weren’t going to give them a rough time. She didn’t expect them to, but there was no being 100% sure.

“Schrodinger, I would appreciate it if you could stay here and await both Chakram’s reply and the messages from the other bases. I trust there shouldn’t be an issue, but if there is, make sure we get those reinforcements at all costs,”being a business cat that was well within his competence zone.

“Socrates, you and I will investigate this attack,” she continued, avoiding eye contact.

“And finally, Tails. Stay here; make sure the computer stays operational. We can’t afford to lose it now,” Cadence concluded, and started for the door. That usually meant her word was final and unless there was a huge problem, it was best not to protest.

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