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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

it's so easy to say it to a crowd

Zira blinked as he ordered for her to leave. If she had ears, they would have tipped back at his words and harsh tone. Her eyes darkened as her conscience recognized the feeling of being crestfallen. As he turned, she grasped desperately for something she could do. Her mind brushed over the move Psychic, and she used that to amplify her voice into his mind.

"Wait, no! You don't understand! He's... he's just angry! I'm not like-- I'm not him!" She paused, unsure of what to say now that she could talk to him, even if it was sparingly. Then, her countenance and tone hardened slightly as she gave up, seeing that she couldn't get the concept through his head even if she was able to get the words delivering it through. "Good luck." She turned, and headed toward the subway.

...She realized she wasn't sure where the subway was from here. She stood there for quite a while, hovering and wondering what to do.

It was then that the sound of gunfire caught her attention, and she whirled toward the sound. She glided through the streets, searching for the source of the rain of bullets. She waited a moment, though, body quaking with another Quiver Dance, and then moved to intersect the sound. The workings of machinery reached her ears as she neared a corner, and she took a drastic dive as she came out into the open. The moment she even came around the corner, though, she was already spewing a Fire Blast onto the oncoming enemy. As an extra precaution, she threw up a Protect around herself, unsure of what she was facing, but knowing it wasn't good.

((^ Beta. c: ))


K'sariya Damuna Guardian Units of Nations Central City
born in this world as it all falls apart

A chill shuddered up her spine at the chilled feeling as they warped to the other side of the debris. What a strange feeling. She looked around, blinking, and then down at the electrowebs at her feet. Luckily, they had not landed on one. That would have been... well, bad.

She listened to his words, and then nodded. She sincerely hoped that they were. She wouldn't know what to do if they weren't. With her grandparents slaughtered and her mother and father, wherever they were, being on the path to that exact fate (or had already met it), her Pokemon were the only family she had left. K'sariya wasn't planning on losing them anytime soon, either. As Shadow disappeared, she nodded, and shouted out her Pokemon's names down the tunnel as she began to follow the path of electrowebs.

She became dangerously aware of the ground above her quivering on occasion, and became wary of another cave-in as she proceeded. Her worries were quickly forgotten, though, as a growl came from further down. She was lucky that the edges of the subway tracks were concrete instead of gravel, or else her feet would be in terrible shape. Their calloused surface was able to easily withstand the harsh concrete her feet were pounding down upon.

She quickly came upon the problem. Astyn brooded over the Galvantula, whose back right leg seemed to have been partially crushed. K'sariya quickly ran over, examining the wound. There must have been another collapse further down that they had freed themselves from... She cradled the electric arachnid in her arms, cooing gently. Reaching into one of her pouches, she withdrew a berry and slipped it into Altair's mouth. It would at least numb the pain a little and speed up the healing process. She stayed like that for several minutes until her beloved Pokemon had fallen asleep. She returned him to his Pokeball, and released Kozanar to move the electrowebs. He flung them away, and then the tunnel was lit with a multitude of crimson glares as the rest of her companions were released.

"Alright, guys, let's get out of here..." she murmured.

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