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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Saraibre Ryu, Sight of the Stars

Still no order to retreat. Civilians were fleeing the city, but the rest of us were sworn to fight. I wasn't so sure about the situation. Looking up, the Egg Carrier was flattening most of what was in this district. Sure, there were still the inner zones, but I could have sworn most of our defenses had been concentrated on the outer perimeter.

I kept checking the bodies, looking for any wounded. Anyone still alive. Problem was, Badniks were pretty effective at making sure their enemies were dead and stayed dead. I swore, Robotnik was going to pay with his vital organs for this. Among the bodies scattered around, humans and anthros alike, none of them had a pulse. The whole place was really beginning to smell as I climbed over mounds of shattered concrete, broken brick walls, and fragmented sidewalk plates. Meanwhile, burning husks of cars, city busses, newspaper stands, and snack carts littered the cratered streets. For us, this was hell on earth. For Robotnik, just another day.

"... remai... ... bac... ... ing..." My radio crackled, barely sputtering out blubs amongst the static.

I figured the water must have ruined the internal components. After tossing it away, I figured someone here had to have one that was still working. Amongst the civilian bodies, I did find a few G.U.N. soldiers with rocket launchers. The first of the bunch, a human officer, had been mangled pretty badly, crushed under the weight of falling concrete from the apartment building collapsing. Then there was Corporal Zames, a mouse anthro that looked like he had been shot by lasers until his heart stopped and his brain went cold. His rocket launcher was still intact, but it seemed like had run out of ammo. Either that, or his spare rockets were buried under the same mess that killed the human. Then there was Warrant Officer Napoc, a panda anthro who was missing the lower half of his body, along with his left arm. The rest of his body was a bloody mess of red splattered on his black and white fur. His headset, however, still seemed to be intact, along with the communicator device. Dusty from the building rubble, but it still seemed to be working.

"Rest in peace, Napoc," I spoke to him, putting my paw on his forehead for a moment before removing the headset. "These won't go to waste."

I then tried to adjust the frequency. Napoc had been part of the ground defense battalion regiment 72. He would get some of the global communications, but not the ones I specifically needed. Those were on a whole other channel entirely. After putting the headset on, it felt much more comfortable, but I had to set the volume very low, or else I'd make myself deaf in no time.

Around here, everything was still quiet. The robots had stopped looking for survivors in this area for a while now, heading in the inner cities instead of hanging around here. I could still hear the conflict, however, and the Egg Carrier was easy to spot in the sky, still heartlessly blasting everything in sight. Beta E-101, however, could be anywhere for all I knew. I no longer had visual on it. Meanwhile, the NDI was probably thinking I was dead. Better make sure they didn't make that mistake.

"This is Nighthare Unit leader, reporting in," I spoke into the radio headset. "Do you copy?"

First, silence. It was possible Napoc's headset was busted in a way I didn't know. I sure wasn't good with electronics, so if it was, it was beyond me. However, moments later, there was a response.

"Ace, that you?" The NDI operator replied. "Sir, Captain Lash is dead. We've only been able to locate nine other members of the Combat Dragon's crew. Everyone else is either K.I.A. or missing."

Nine was still better than nothing. It was up to Astrailyx now. Beta E-101 would come after her next, as well as the inner city stronghold.

"Is there any way of stopping Beta?" I asked the operator. "We shot like hell at that thing and nothing happened."

"We're... still trying to analyze it," He replied, hesitant. "Outright attacking it doesn't seem to be working. We... may need to try something else."

Try something else. Obviously. Still, trying to shut down that damn thing's power core, short-circuiting the whole damn thing, or something like that was going to be a headache. It was suicide for anyone to even get close to it. That was the whole freaking reason we attacked it from a distance in the first place.

"Where the hell is it right now?" I asked him, wondering if he at least had a location.

"47th and 8th moving north," He told me. "It's... going to be quite a walk from where you are."

No kidding. But until they figured out a way to handle it, getting closer to Beta E-101 was suicidal. I had no idea how many civilians and soldiers it killed already, but I had no intention of ending up as one more notch on that damn thing. As far as trying to figure out a plan myself, I barely knew how these stupid things worked. But I figured I would at least make some headway.

But I hadn't even walked ten feet until I heard something plow its way through the water. I figured it had to be a stray Badnik, so I quickly grabbed my bow and strung an arrow. But it wasn't one of those daft robots at all.

It was Monsoon the Kingdra, rushing toward me with a wave of boiling water, totally berserk and deranged. So much for loyal Pokémon. I knew I could never trust these stupid creatures. They couldn't even freaking tell who the real enemy was.

I allowed for the water dragon Pokémon to get close. So close Monsoon wouldn't even have the chance to pull out of his charge to dodge the explosive arrow I was going to shoot into his head. I waited... and waited... and waited until he got just within a few feet, but just before I prepared to jump out of the way and make the shot from above, Zira quickly jumped in front of him and stopped the attack short... trying to protect me. They fought amongst themselves until Monsoon backed off with a snarl, heading back into the water. I swore, I could never tolerate these creatures.

"Head back to your trainer, K'sariya," I told Zira, hoping she'd take that maniac Monsoon with her. "I can handle myself, and I can't have this kind of garbage happening behind my back while all this is going on. I have enough to worry about from those stupid robots. I don't need this on top of it."

I made it crystal clear to Zira I did not want to be followed. Not by her or Monsoon. There was no telling when and where Zira would turncoat on me as well, possibly after being convinced by her companion to join him in his reign of madness. And if they continued stalking me, I was really going to let K'sariya have it. Switch was right, wherever he was right now. What the hell was I thinking, believing an anthro like me could command Pokémon? It was clear, they only really obeyed humans. And they were only sent to me because a human sent them, not to actually defend me on their own behalf. For that very reason, I couldn't trust them.

Heading through the streets, I took an obscure route, just to keep those two away from me in case they didn't get the message. I managed to move ahead several city blocks until I was suddenly approached by a G.U.N. APC. They stopped a few moments later before one of them stepped out and approached me.

"Ace, we've been sent here to retrieve you," the solider told me. "We know what happened to the Combat Dragon."

"What's the plan for taking out those things?" I asked him, wondering what exactly they had in mind to stop it.

"We're working on it," He told me. "But when the time comes, we're going to need those enemy assets flagged. You're one of the only few that can do that quickly and effectively. Heat-seeker missiles and rockets are being disrupted by the presence of too many individual robots."

Made sense. If there was anything these big, stupid robots were good at doing, it was crapping out tons more of little robots by the minute. Heat seeking rockets couldn't lock on to the more important targets with all of the damn fodder everywhere. Therefore, target beacons were really the only thing that would work. Either that, or paint the target with a laser and hold it for as long as possible. But no one enjoyed trying to do that. Not unless you had a death wish.

"Alright, let's move," I told him, getting into the APC.

Once I strapped myself inside, the driver hurried toward where the Beta E-101 was, driving through ruined streets, dodging the flaming car wrecks, and over piles of debris. It would be a bit of a ride before we arrived to where the Beta E-101 was unleashing havoc. Hopefully the driver was smart enough not to get too close. Judging by what I had seen earlier, I had my doubts the armor on this thing could even withstand just one laser shot from that mechanical bastard.

Someway, we needed to turn the tables around on this mess. And I was running out of ideas...

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