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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Compound Pain View Post
In Game Name: Pain.
Reason for Joining?: No clan.
Clan contributions: Breeding
Experience With Pokemon: Good.
Wifi FC: I'll add this on later.

I'm just starting to get back into Pokémon, I have not played it in so long so apologies for any mistakes I make in the future.
Welcome to the clan, glad to see that this edition isn't more than a day old and we're already getting some new faces, not really a prerequisite anymore but if you see anyone of us on (except me for now) feel free to ask them if they're available for an intro battle

Originally Posted by Vanitas View Post
In Game Name: Ryan
Reason for Joining?: No clan.
Clan contributions: Expert strategist
Experience With Pokemon: Veteran
Wifi FC: Use PO over wi fi
Glad you could officially join us Van, i don't mess much with PO, not a big fan of the UI so i don't normally mess around with it, though i do have it installed, if you could post your PO name so i can put that info in that'd be awesome, thanks

Originally Posted by Daigon View Post

That's a question for yourself really, despite the lack of activity you see us still here striving. There is always the possibility of a big boom of activity and Blk & Wht 2 might help with that but we need active ppl in the forums in order to attract active ppl to battle and what not

@Lost thx for the promotion the new thread looks good
No prob, you've earned it, and thanks, hopefully i can get fully into battling again, maybe if the clan starts poppin' again the enthusiasm will infect me

Originally Posted by hectic View Post
Don't you need to apply too?
Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
You should read my comment to
hahaha, TUST is our official Lurker XD, jk, he's just gonna hang out and help out with battles and stuff like that till activity picks up and then we can get some revenge on LMSsi

on a side note, i'm only gonna be on for the next half hour or so, signed up for a MW3 KC tournament, i'm top 1% career, and i usually get top 10% in the tournaments, which starts at 9pm EST

hec has admin capabilities in the xat, so if you guys see him on he can add you

how's everybody's day going?

oh and...yaoo
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