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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

(Bunnying permission granted by Sight~)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Neo (indirectly), Sight, Dr R, Sabi (indirectly)
<Let's Get This Party Started>

Honestly, he didn't know what happened. One moment he was reading a command note from the woman - K'Sariya - and being asked by her pink elephant if he was a black Shaymin (why did he always get this question? It was getting annoying), and the next instant he had the large green dragon tackling him. Long story short, he was going to feel that in the morning. Before he had a chance to be angry, however, it became apparent from the lack of light that where he had been standing had collapsed...And while it probably wouldn't have been fatal to someone of his caliber, it would have hurt nonetheless. Said dragon began to tear at the rocks shortly after, and with how quickly it was making progress, would break through within a matter of moments. When he did, the light was choked with ash and the immediate sound of gunfire drifted into the tunnel, echoing off the walls. It made the hedgehog wish that it would collapse again, to return to the silence of darkness.

His radio sparked to life. “Shadow you’ve got to get out of where you are now. We need you up here as soon as possible.” The light, lilting voice on the other end clearly told him that was Astrailyx, although quite frankly she didn't need to tell him to get out. She was being polite, but that was effectively her way of saying "Get your ass out of there now!" He didn't need to be told twice - the radio chattering away about the G.U.N. Combat Dragon being sunk by a large water machine nicknamed the Leviathan. Well, wasn't that dandy. Now even their remaining ships were worthless, although he knew they were too beat up at this point to do much else anyway other than be a distraction; but it wasn't worth losing them. Anything they had, they needed to keep. Ships were expensive to make...And with what was going on, they probably wouldn't be able to build any new ones. Long story short, don't lose them.

K'Sariya made a move to go forward, but she notably hesitated, glancing back at the other collapsed part of the tunnel. With all the subtlety of a rhino in a china shop, she lunged forward, tearing at the rubble. "Astyn! Altair!" The rock dragon that had knocked him out of the way made slow steps forward, before assisting his trainer with the rocks. His claws tore them apart with ease, but the damage was substantial - who knew how long it would take for them to break through? "Sir... Sir... I'm sorry... Have... to get them out..." He could see her gloves being stained slightly by red; it concerned him to see such desperation. It was an emotion that was not new to him, but in this case she had a chance to save the ones she loved.

He never did.

Walking forward, the hedgehog reached down and grabbed her by the wrist, stalling her frantic efforts due to the surprise. "You don't need to apologize for wanting to save those you care about." He stated, shaking his head. "But panicking while doing so...Often does more harm than good. Calm down, and get control over your emotions. Tearing your hands apart will not get anything accomplished, other than painting the concrete red." Allowing his words to sink in, he released his grip. "Now return your Pokemon...Otherwise, it will require more energy to make the jump."

"Jump?" She asked, although she was on fumbling with the devices to return her Pokemon. Eventually, however, each creature was absorbed by a red light into the capture spheres.

He nodded, before lightly grabbing her wrist once more. "Hmm...I suppose 'teleportation' would be appropriate as well. In my world, it is called Chaos Control." Their destination was on the other side of the debris. He just hoped it had just collapsed right there, and not further along...Or else it could fail and they would more than likely end up in a non-existent dimension where they would perish instantly. Or so the theory goes, as quite obviously no one could verify it. Shadow took no time before he tapped into his energy reserves, feeling the powerful chaotic energy within before firmly focusing on where they needed to go. In a heartbeat, it washed over both of them, and the briefest sensation of cold flashed over their skin before they found themselves on the other side. Lighting was provided by yellow strands of webbing which hummed ever so softly with the electricity which flowed within them, and he was rather glad his ability usually warped him to the safest point. Last time he checked, he wasn't scheduled for shock therapy.

"Good luck, K'Sariya, and be careful." Preparing to jump directly outside, he hesitated. "I'm sure they are fine." With that final word, he warped outside.

Grabbing the radio, he immediately called in. "Shadow, here. K'Sariya is going into the tunnels to find her two Pokemon. I'm initiating pursuit of Beta. If I can, after that I will attempt to destroy the Leviathan." Breaking into a run, it took only moments after reaching top speed with his natural pace before his shoes activated, spewing forth yellow energy which levitated him and propelled him faster. He did not, however, go fast enough to break the sound barrier, which would have given his position away.

"What is the location of Beta?" He asked, quickly.

"We're not sure, Sir." Came the curt response.

"Figure it out. Check the energy radii of the TW's. Look for anything that entered recently, with the last time it was seen, and any abnormal machines that aren't being affected by it. It has to be in one of those areas." The hedgehog growled slightly. He skated up the side of a building to get to the rooftop, halting as he ducked a machine that was falling from the sky. "Hurry up!"

The radio crackled silently. "Location..." They knew he wasn't a machine, so they had to be generic. "TW 3, southern end moving northward. Beta is taking cover in some alleyways."

"Good." He turned the radio onto silent, working quickly. He hopped from building to building, occasionally shooting some drones from the sky with the armor piercing rounds of his pistols. If he could avoid them, he did - saving ammo was important for him, and the turrets were handling the situation rather well. His target was closer; he could hear laser shots amidst the dust cloud that was slowly dwindling ahead of him. He slowed considerably, deactivating his shoes so they would not create any noise as he slunk towards his prey. He readied his weapon as he peered over the lip of the roof.

The bullets that were shot at the black, hovering machine halted as they got close, the shimmer of a shield faintly being seen before they launched back at the attackers. It fired back with its own weapons, dispatching those who weren't quick enough to get out of the way. Shadow had put his pistol away at this point, for it was obvious bullets wouldn't work. That shield...It does not block bullets, necessarily - they slow and then reverse. Most likely projectiles will not work either. An idea crossed his mind, and he felt the heat of the darker side of Chaos Energy flow down his arm, focusing on his hand. It formed over it, turning his fingers into red claws, all fueled by Negative Chaos Energy...The more destructive variant.

Picking up a piece of rubble and throwing it to the buildings below, he watched as Beta turned and fired on where it had landed. While the machine was distracted, he jumped from the roof - luckily due to taking cover Beta was beneath the rooftops - and swiftly fell down upon him, lashing out with his Chaos Claw at the back joint of its right arm. He had noticed some damage on the back of the machine earlier, and it was this area that seemed to have taken the most severe hits...Logically, this meant the metal was weaker here as well.

He felt the energy impact the shield, but even if it stripped it away, he still had could curl his outstretched fingers into a mighty punch aiming right for damaged steel. Considering, with some struggling, he could flip objects of one thousand pounds with one arm, Beta would not be escaping without more damage.

He was certain of it.
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