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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Compound Pain View Post
In Game Name: Pain.
Reason for Joining?: No clan.
Clan contributions: Breeding
Experience With Pokemon: Good.
Wifi FC: I'll add this on later.

I'm just starting to get back into Pokémon, I have not played it in so long so apologies for any mistakes I make in the future.
Hello Pain, glad to see your interest in the clan. I'm not sure if I can officially accept you, but I'm sure Lost would love to have you join the clan.
Originally Posted by Vanitas View Post
In Game Name: Ryan
Reason for Joining?: No clan.
Clan contributions: Expert strategist
Experience With Pokemon: Veteran
Wifi FC: Use PO over wi fi
Do you have a DS to play with? It's ok if you don't I'm just curious. Same with Pain, you'll have to wait for Lost to get online to be accepted.
Originally Posted by Daigon View Post

That's a question for yourself really, despite the lack of activity you see us still here striving. There is always the possibility of a big boom of activity and Blk & Wht 2 might help with that but we need active ppl in the forums in order to attract active ppl to battle and what not

@Lost thx for the promotion the new thread looks good
Yo Dai, get on the new XAT sometime, when you can.
Black 0432 8598 6166
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