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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Alright, I suppose this is the place to go haha.

Here's the deal: An extremely awesome game called Pockie Ninja is having a promotion/user-attraction of sorts in order to get new players. It's called "Pockie Captain," and it's basically where one existing member invites new members to come and join their crew. And guess where YOU come in? :D I need 3 crew members, and I'd LOVE to get a few people from PE2K interested. All you have to do is sign in and create an account from the link I'll provide below. The game is actually pretty awesome: it's a Naruto and Bleach blend where you battle NPC's and other players, trade equipment, learn skills from the shows, and all sorts of other related stuff. Please, if you have any interest, just sign up and give it a shot! No obligation to stay, I just need some people to create the accounts. After that, it's truly up to you. (: Thanks for the time!


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