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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zira & Monsoon Guardian Units of Nations Central City
as we walk among these shadows in these streets these fields of battle

They were helpless. Worthless. Unable to do anything to stop the destruction of what they were currently supposed to be protecting with their lives. As the ship sunk, Monsoon became his own rescue team, moving those who had jumped off of the dying vessel away from the sucking mass of water that would have brought them down with the ship.

Monsoon no longer cared about Ace.

That was the plain and simple fact. Bitterness filled his mind and pulsed through every fiber of his being for the idiotic, Lopunny-like individual that K'sariya had sent them to defend. Spite filled his eyes as he finished getting those that he could away from the ship, his gaze searching out the G.U.N. naval commander on the distant land with deadly accuracy. He charged with a snarl, water flying around him as he shot toward the foreign creature, his domed head and burning eyes and now seemingly-menacing horns the only things above the water. White spray followed his path as he made a beeline for Central City. He threw his body out of the water, bouncing on his tail once as he charged the rabbit, oblivious to the menacing destruction around him.

As he lunged for Ace, boiling-hot water swirling in the depths of his body in preparation for a devastating Scald. I will rip you apart limb by limb for ever existing, for ever coming to our world and bringing your stupid villain with you because you dumbasses were too incompetent to kill him yourselves! And just as he came within a few feet of Ace, just when he became so close to at least having an attempt at getting his revenge, Zira slammed into him.

The massive bug screeched at her comrade, biting betrayal prominent in both of their eyes as their gazes trained upon each other. Zira hovered to and fro in front of Ace in a protective manner, lids dropped halfway over her eyes as she grudgingly glared at her companion. She pushed her wings forward more fiercely, snarling at him. He stared at her for a moment, and then dove back into the water, and that was where Zira hoped that would not be the last time she ever saw him. She turned back to Ace, crestfallen at her decision, but her loyalty to K'sariya stood strong.

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