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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
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The city was now the main target of attack. Astrailyx sat hooked up to the targeting systems, calculating numbers as fast as she could. As of now she had gotten all the information she needed. The tracking mark Ace provided was going to be useful and give her that last bit she needed to do this right. The dragon concentrated, feeling the energy of the generator course through her body. Much of the outer half of the city was now being used as target practice but the inner half that was behind the Dead Zone’s and under the primary shields was faring much better off. The DZ’s were doing their job of redirecting the laser fire and transmitting that energy into the reserves for the cannons that were left. Some of the TW towers had been damaged and were going, but they were slowing down the small mobs that would cause them swarming issues. He primary shields were taking some heavy fire though, blocking whatever the Dead Zone’s weren’t able to siphon.

As Astrailyx stared and examined every targeting screen she had left, checked every number, every rate, every variable, she could see lines of fire in her mind, following them and making accurate solutions as to where the guns were beyond the smoke. Comparing them to the areas where the carrier was visible, Astrailyx was making those estimates turn into correct answers. Now it was time to give them something to worry about.

“I want all remaining Titan AA turrets and their backups to fire at anything that isn’t being taken in by the DZ’s. All DZ’s are to be on and siphoning all laser fire now.” Astrailyx instructed. “I want those energy reserve’s we’ve siphoned from the energy blasts redirected to the heavier Titan cannons and fire upon that carrier.”


The operators went to work, redirecting the siphoned energy to the heavier cannons. The heavier cannons that could take some hits had the power of the carrier’s cannons thanks to the lasers being sapped, and put into a long underground conduit and redirected into the cannon’s, well cannon to be fired back. The closer the Egg Carrier was to the city, the easier it was to fire upon as that thing had less reaction time to move out of the way. The heavier turrets between the shields and the Dead Zones were firing pulse upon pulse of what was being fired on the city. The smaller turrets that were left, between the TW towers and the area of the Dead Zone’s weren’t going to last too much longer, but were shooting any missile or robot that was keen on making bullet holes or craters. Any explosions, the guns were doing their best to keep them in the sky. Thanks to the TW towers slowing them down, it was giving them precious seconds they needed.

“I’ve set up the targeting paths to follow precisely with the cannons. Firing on them will cause the turrets severe damage. Follow those coordinates and you’ll be able to hit him even beyond the smoke.” Astrailyx instructed the defense team. “What is the report on the city as of now?”

“Most of the outer city has taken damage, the TW towers are still functioning but we had a sighting of Beta running around, and if he is, that isn’t going to last long. Dead zones are still operating, visible sights on the Egg Carrier confirms your targeting coordinates are working. He’s making a straight line in to get as far in as possible it looks like.”

Astrailyx knew triangulation was a useful thing, she could do it with things she couldn’t see, and with the influx of information she was able to handle within the targeting control generator, plus being able to see it, it was going to do them some good. Her team seemed to have the coordinates down and understood the adjustment calculations. There was going to be less cannon fire to deal with now, especially when the cannons on the Egg Carrier were dealing with its own power on top of what the remaining Titan cannons had to offer.

“The primary shield is protecting the inner part of the city. Compared to the outer part of the city, it’s untouched. Damage terms, so far it’s been as minimal damage as possible, but rising in the outer parts.”

Astrailyx knew they were going to be out to change that. She hadn’t removed herself from targeting just yet, she was making sure this thing was going to be hit and hit hard. To her, it seemed to be the only quiet place within HQ but that wasn’t going to last long. Astrailyx knew the battleships were going and may soon to be gone, however there was still a chance they could cause some damage. While they were focusing on the front, whatever power they had could work on the back.

“I want extra range and tracking given to what battle ships we have left so they can fire at the back of the Carrier.” Astrailyx confirmed. “Anything they have left before they’re gone, then I want anyone who is still on those ships to get off of them. Find Ace and get him some support.”

Now there was the problem with Beta. He was the top notch robot and could mess with the defenses rather well, and cause the city a major problem. Astrailyx knew there was already someone out there, and if she knew him well enough, Beta was going to have his own problem. If she had to she would get out there herself, but knowing she would be of more use here, she remained. If the Echo field was going to be used, she was the only one who could operate it at its full potential.

“A small stealth squad has been sent to retrieve Ace and extra firing range coordinates and information has been sent to the remaining battle ships.” One of the communications operators told her. “The Egg Carrier has moved closer within the city.”

“Keep firing on it, either they’re going to turn around when those primary cannons are gone, or going to have to come further into that unfriendly fire we have to use another set of cannons.”

The longer they were fired at, and the closer the ship got, was only going to make their own cannons that more precise and effective.
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