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Default The War on Drugs

When I look at the world today, I see tons of unhappy people depressed at life and our toxic society. These people in turn usually turn to drugs as a form of escape from the stale prisons built around them. However, in the 70s, a massive campaign was launched to prevent drug use among the population. While some drugs are outright horrible, it's unfair to consider many of the so called "soft drugs" as something to avoid. When used correctly, these drugs can serve as incredible tools to shape and expand the human mind. However, our society has built up a negative perception on these substances, and many people blindly turn against drug use (funny for a society so addicted to prescription medicines).

Growing up, the influence of drugs in my life was tremendous. Everywhere you went, people praised Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and a few other musicians as gods among men. They all had something in common besides music: their use of psychedelic drugs, such as cannabis and LSD. It intrigued me that for all the negative connotations behind drugs, there were these fully functioning, highly creative individuals who thrived under the influence. That's when the picture becomes clearer, not all drugs are "bad".

So why are they illegal?

I'll spare you the paranoia/conspiracy crap and an inaccurate history lesson and give it to you straight: money. In the modern day, there are powerful and rich industries lobbying for the war on drugs, such as the pharmaceutical and prison industries. Drug testing, locking people up, it's all big business, and people like things like economy and job security. So, in self interest, these industries perpetually continue a freedom restricting practice, all to make money. The reason you have to piss in a bottle to get a job? Because they don't want you smoking a certain green herb (because face it, all other drugs are long gone by the time you pee). Sounds pretty outrageous to me, but they're probably laughing all the way to the bank.

Have I mentioned that there are plenty of websites (especially this one) dedicated to smart/responsible drug use? Why is that illegal? Just because people can abuse it doesn't mean it should be illegal. People abuse McDonalds every day, but you don't see them closing down McDonalds, do you?

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