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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

E-101 MK. III "β"
Cloud cover, target identified
Orders issued, attack to begin in 3...2...1...

Beta didn't bother to keep a kill count. It knew that every soldier it killed would likely be replaced by another one shortly after. It would simply continue killing until it was ordered to retreat. It had been programmed with a neat trick; its energy barrier was electromagnetic, and by reversing the pulse the machine could effectively block small bullets before the struck. It consumed energy, but E-101 had plenty of that. A powerful hit brought the shield down momentarily, the moving machine making a difficult target even if it hadn't yet confirmed its assailant. A quick swivel of its head told the robot that the battleship nearest Central City had turned its sights on the flying robot as opposed to the airship. E-101's boosters surged and carried him quickly backwards, over troopers and panicked civilians heads in to the dust cloud it had made. It ducked in to a side street just ahead of a second volley, the buildings that were still standing giving it a barrier between the more dangerous guns and itself. A wash of electricity in the air sent small volts of lightning crackling across its energy shield, feedback from some EMP station set up to slow down the other flying machines that were beginning to invade the city. Beta's infrared sensors begun scanning the area for where the emitter may be, continuing to fire its lasers in to the crowds below.

In the meantime, the Egg Carrier had not taken significant damage as of yet. Meteors raining from above provided the deck guns targets to hit, but that only turned them in to a shower of smaller rocks pounding on the deck. One large meteor smashed the protective glass over the exposed engine, the machinery turning the glass and rocks alike in to shards that were spit out for quite a ways, raining down on to the ships below and slicing through some of the nearby robots, smoke beginning to rise from a damaged portion of the mechanism. Its primary turrets continued pounding the battleship beneath it, to the point that now the bolts of energy were beginning to smash through the upper decks and reach below to the main areas. Several bolts had pierced the hull beneath, if the ship's slight tilt was anything to go by. Another launched missiles that were either not of sufficient range or shot down by the smaller turrets lining the wings. The forward guns blasted the missile launcher in to scrap metal, almost ripping the unit from the side of the ship. And then suddenly the massive carrier pulled up, in the moment the tracking arrow planted itself in to the closing nose of the ship. The turrets ceased firing and the jets at the rear flared, sending the ship forward quickly towards the city. The massive underbelly of the ship opened in hundreds of places, launching small drone fighters and a larger hole dropping a large leviathan robot in to the water that sank below the water immediately, mock tail shredding the air above the water as it dove. The drones turned their attention immediately towards the cannons aboard the battleships below, flying close and peppering the machinery with small bolts of energy, in some cases ramming themselves in to the guns with explosive results.

The multitude of rockets and shots fired at the nose of the ship mostly met with only the nose; only the first few slipped through the closing front, black smoke leaking from the crack as it sealed shut. The rest pounded on the nose to no avail, and others were destroyed by robots on the deck and around the sky. The ship had a new target now; Central City. Its turret guns faced ahead as the underbelly released more drone fighters, bolts of yellow energy already beginning to pour from the front cannons in to the buildings that hadn't already been destroyed. E-101 had moved well out of the way by this point.

Behind in the water, the battleship that had taken the worst beating from the Egg Carrier suddenly gave a loud metallic screech as the leviathan tore through its hull completely, shooting up through the top deck like a twisted snake, multiple photoreceptors and sensory devices housed behind a glass almost-face giving it an almost demonic appearance, though the rest of the bulky body was more snakelike, the majority of the bulk being centered in a 'chest' area bristling with thick blades like what was on the front of the machine. In the instant it rose above the water it had already dove back in, diving deep enough to become almost invisible to the eye. Preparing another attack run, no doubt.

E-117 "ς"
En route, Route 226
Distress signal received. Beginning assault run.

Sigma was relentless in its assault. The bullets pinging its metal form barely made a dent, though that much was to be expected of a robot whose main form of transportation was digging. A stray shot smashed the lens protecting one of its photoreceptors, sparks shooting out from the damaged appendage and a small bit of the world blinking out on its display. It wasn't a major hindrance, not yet, but it would need to be repaired nonetheless. The target had fled while Sigma was drilling, but that didn't save the man quite as much as he'd hoped. The spidery legs bent and thrust downward, the jet engines on its back screaming loudly as it impacted on the ground closer to where the man had run, careful to keep its smaller arms tucked at its side to avoid damage.

And then there was an explosion powerful enough to knock the machine off its front legs as some of the other forces in Stark Mountain arrived. The lesser robots took a lot of casualties, but only a large black spot on Sigma's front and a small sparking hole in the armor were to show. Sigma was ready for the next grenade, its thick hands planted firmly in the ground and sending the blast around it as opposed to in to its face, flames charring the metal at the edges. More attacks from the back distracted the behemoth, causing it to whirl. A multitude of animals were launching attacks at it, prompting the machine to raise its shield again to deflect what it could. Sigma swiped its huge hands in a wide arc, firing wildly at the group too widely spread to decently attack them all. The flying creatures were poised to attack its joints, but the vicious robot spun its half-drill hands rapidly as it swung them, catching one and likely causing some damage. Several vines from another creature attempted to wrap themselves around the machine's hands, and quicksand had formed at its feet. Sigma fused its hands in to a drill once more, spinning it quickly three times, in a different direction each time to shred the vines in the drill's blade.

Its next action saw it drill directly through and under the quicksand, the earth shaking violently from the sudden disturbance. It didn't bother continuing the fight where it was; the robot made a beeline directly for where the enemy's base had been at; the Fight Area, while to the north more machines flowed out of Stark Mountain to make up for Sigma's sudden and rapid disappearance. Not more of the egg pawns, but more akin to Sigma. They were smaller than the behemoth drilling machine, and had only two legs and arms... but both of these arms were cannons or missile launchers, in a few cases one of each. Having fun yet?

((Might want to radio back and warn them about Sigma))
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