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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Off the Beaten Path, Johto
Affected RPers: ChainReaction01

Zippy’s gaze upon the factory was interrupted with the sounds of explosions and the deafening cry of a giant eagle. She swung her binoculars back towards the trail. To her surprise, the source of the noise was from a long-awaited sight: a person and his pokemon. They were in the middle of a fire fight with a pair of bee-like robots. They may have resembled beedril, but Zippy knew they were something else entirely. This trainer was treating them like pokemon…until the fallen one spewed out gears and wires. The young man stood there in shock, a very bad thing to do against a robot trying to kill you. If he wasn’t careful, he could become an easy target for the buzz bot.

“Ollie, Gaga, Din! Someone’s being attacked!” Zippy shouted quickly as she rushed down the ladder. The trio of pokemon dropped their food and light bulbs and followed the ranger out the door. Zippy climbed onto her ponyta, with the emolga taking a perch on the girl’s shoulder. The dewott stood behind the seated Zippy, drawing a razor shell as they rushed into the battle.

“Gaga, get up there! Spark!”

The emolga leaped off of Zippy’s shoulder and took to the skies. Just as the buzz bot was taking aim for Shaveh, the sky squirrel burst into an electric charge. She collided head-on with the badnik, causing it to spin and shoot its orbs into the ground. As Gaga flew off, Zippy and the rest of her crew were about to pass under the buzz bot. The ranger gave a nod to her dewott. With that trigger, Ollie put his hands on Zippy’s shoulders and leap-frogged upon them. Standing upon the girl’s shoulders, the dewott was high enough to slash at the enemy. With one razor shell aimed for the cannon, the firing mechanism was shredded, unable to threaten the group with more shots. The final blow was left to the braviary, who seemed quite eager to follow up one kill with another.

After the buzz bot was eliminated, Zippy wasted no time leaping off her ponyta and running towards Shaveh. Rather than stopping and selling hello, she crashed into the new arrival with a giant hug (some might call it a “glomp”).

“Omigoshomigoshomigosh!” Zippy said in rapid succession as she squeezed Shaveh harder with each passing second. “I’m so glad you’re not a robot!”

Shaveh was the first fellow human she had seen since Pallet Town. Needless to say, Zippy was excited at the prospect of finding someone with a different perspective of what was going on. Did he have answers as to why the robots were attacking? Better yet, did he know how to get rid of them? This was better than finding that supply of canned goods. It meant that she had another ally in this alien world, a better chance to make things right.

Little did any of them know that their situation was far grimmer than the skirmishes with bug bots led them to believe. It was very likely that their fate was being decided in a little place called Central City…
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