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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

((You guys post too freaking fast. </3))

Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Eternal Moonlight (Cadence) and narphoenix (Socrates)

Cadence's reaction was a disappointing one: Not yet. She seemed to want to send Chakram to Unova in order to stir up memories, but of course the best time for sending away one of the RU's most valuable commanders was never. Schrodinger opened his mouth to tell her that he could in fact do the whole mind-reading thing without Chakram's untrained human mind noticing anything except possibly a very faint sensation of disorientation. Before he could do that, however, he was assailed by another psychic. It was that stupid starfish! Schrodinger wrestled with it, trying to slip the throttling noose of its consciousness off of his mind. Before he could do that, however, agony erupted in his lower abdominal region, right between his legs. Schrodinger crumpled to his knees, a noise somewhere between a hiss, a mewl, and a wheeze escaping from between his clenched teeth. Seething with rage and pain and wracking nausea, Schrodinger snarled tensely, "He assaulted me. Cadence, please tell me that this gives me the right to blow his brains out."

However, no one seemed to be listening. Suddenly Socrates was going off about some 117 robot near Mount Stark, the predicted place of attack. Schrodinger managed to stagger to his paws and growl aloud, "That's where Chakram's unit is... Hm, that's odd." He paused. Another voice was speaking in his mind. "... Apparently one of the soldiers, a Miss Card, has a telepathic Pokemon. This Pokemon tells me that Eggman's forces are there for a purpose, and that's finding a Pokemon called 'Heatran'. I don't know anything about a 'Heatran', but apparently it spits fire and would be bad news for us. Given these conditions, I assume no one will object to my sending reinforcements to the area."

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Latio (Zek Chakram) and anyone in his unit.

Alice took the binoculars that Chakram offered her and softly let out a stream of curses at the sight of the camp and the sight of the tied-up Piplup. She wasn't one to stand for any sort of Pokemon being maltreated, even in such a tense situation as theirs. She heard Chakram give an order for its rescue. Good, she thought. A Water-type might be useful, so that we can short-circuit these lousy god-d*mned stupid robots.

Several explosions quickly followed; the thought of the painfully-killed Weezing made Alice's gut twist. Please tell me that your lot meant for that explosion to happen, Oracle said, and Alice confirmed this with a terse flash of thought. Seeming to sense Alice's conflict, Oracle sent her a vague sense of comfort before his presence retreated. Meanwhile, Zek was dragging the still-silenced Piplup back into the shelter of the rocks. Much to Alice's annoyance, once the Pokemon's gag was removed it started loudly thanking the RU soldiers. Somebody shut it up pretty quickly, though not quickly enough. Whether they had been summoned by the explosions or the yammering penguin, the badniks were approaching.

Alice tensed, trying to sense what strategy Chakram would use. He was talking now - "Command, this is thirteen! Small group of Eggshells coming our way. Engagement preparing. We've been spotted. Check the airwaves, disrupt signals, NOW." He'd said 'engagement', meaning that Alice was going to want some serious pain-bringers.

"Card, two Pokes out!" Chakram commanded. Alice grabbed two Pokeballs, hoping that she was gauging their position on her belt properly. Surely enough, Jack the Simipour and Liberty the Braviary appeared in flashes of red light. These two would be excellent at taking the badniks apart quickly.

"Jack, use Hydro Pump to knock that clump of 'bots off the mountain! Liberty, use Sky Drop to pick off the ones on the edge!"

The battle went on for a few minutes that felt like forever and no time at all, and Alice loved every robot-smashing second. A good friend of hers had once likened Pokemon Training to the conducting of an orchestra - in this case, a very violent orchestra where the musicians created their symphonies by smashing instruments on the audience's cybernetic heads. But an orchestra was an orchestra! Every move Alice directed was pure joy as Liberty and Jack fought in tandem, two absolutely beautiful partners ripping apart robots like they did it every day.

Finally, the dust settled and the badniks were all dead. Still grinning like a maniac, Alice thought at Oracle: So, how'd that look from way up there?

Beautiful, Oracle replied drily. Listen, Alice, you really ought to know: that Piplup has been hanging around the badniks' camp. It knows the robots' plans.

Alice could vaguely sense what Oracle was talking about, and the thought filled her with dread. When she made no reply, Oracle continued. It's Heatran, Alice. Robotnik is trying to capture Heatran.

Horrid visions of fire danced through Alice Card's mind. He'd disappeared... He'd just been completely consumed by a pillar of fire. How could anyone stand against the might of flames like that? And how much stronger was Heatran than a Volcarona?

The Piplup was just getting done telling that same information to Chakram. The unit commander said something into his radio that Alice didn't bother to listen to. Alice had just risen and begun checking her Pokemon for wounds when a giant drill machine burst up from the bowels of the earth. Alice had some very creative curse words to say about that.


Okay, so it wasn't the most eloquent cursing she'd ever done.

Alice scampered backward, just managing to not get chopped up by waving blade-arms. She managed to take cover behind some rocks, and she peeped over the top, sending out all of her Pokemon to try and just killthatf*ckingbot. Oracle had apparently sensed the danger; he flew down to unleash a Protect and save Alice any splash damage from a missile that had come too close for comfort. Her other Pokemon leaped into battle while she called out frantic orders, aiming for the robot's weak joints. Her fliers swarmed around the drill, while Darius grew tangled thorn-vines and Garda created quicksand beneath it in an attempt to slow it down. But it wasn't enough. Alice screamed, "Run!" and took off herself, her Pokemon covering her exit as she ran up the path, hoping for an out. Man, this raid had gone really bad.
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