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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226 (Now the home of a massive drill called Sigma.)
Affected RPers: Eternal (Candace), Narph (Socrates), Velo (Card and Schrodinger)

"HOLY S**T!!!"

If the insane rumbling of the earth didn't alert Chakram up-front that there were now reinforcements, that even louder piece of cussword did it. He looked upon his foe, noticing both an idiotic reference (117? Was Eggman into those Halo games?) and something that rang a bell: Sigma. The Massive Drill itself was named Sigma, sure, but the character, the name, the symbol itself was what got Zek's memory for a brief jog. Though, his memory wasn't up for laps when the machine guns started firing. He ducked behind the nearest rock for the pulse lasers.

"Ah, come on! Not a Sigma Drill!!" Said the oversized Piplup. Chakram turned his head towards the nearest Rock, and lo behold, the bird was still alive, getting something techno-ish on his hands. Looked like a glove for his fingerless flippers, but he swore-no, knew-it was a weapon of sorts.

A missile was fired, despite all the uselessness that it was clearly Chakram and whoever the hell the oversized bird was (and possibly Alice Card) left alive. After doing a quick mock and backing up, it shot a pulse missile into the ground, raising its steel plates as protection, creating cover visually and physically-some of the plasma from the pulse shot got to Chakram's skull, and he put his hand to his head as he held the fresh wound on it's side. Chakram returned the favor, taking a few shots at the now-non firing Pulse Machine Gun, hoping for a disabling shot. When the dust cleared, the Ground shook simultaneous with the realization that Sigma wasn't sticking around in that spot.

"Aim for the joints of the arms!" The Piplup said.

"Better idea: MOVE!" Zek said, before the robot could do the tactic Zek could almost predict it was going to do: Burrow up behind him for a sneak attack. The oversized Piplup was at least compliant in it's own mobility, and followed him running as fast as those miserably tiny legs could hope to-which was remarkably fast, but then again, it was from the world where Anthromorphic Sandslash could run over the speeds of sound and crazy madmen could rule the world and gain unlimited supplies, support at zero be d**med. Zek got out Eggman's Grenade Launcher-he knew regular weapons wouldn't work against this weapon.

He had barely made it to the fork in the road-going right, remembering what Card told him-and the Drill came back up, flailing it's arms viciously but controllably, making a slashing attempt at where the hiding life forms once were. However, it's censors were apparently not that while it was underground. Zek had a clear shot, and aimed at one of the Drill Arms with the Grenade Launcher, and one of the Pulse Machine Guns with another shot as well. He turned away before even seeing if they actually hit, and pray Arceus they did, because otherwise he'd be in some SERIOUS bull**** if they didn't. And as if that thing ALONE wasn't enough...Now, for MORE reinforcements.

Badniks-including exactly one Roboticized Weezing, as if to say, "I'm back, ba****d"-poured out of the Volcano and every other conceivable source. Lovely day for a massive covering fire of plasma weaponry by grunts, while Zek was sandwiched between them and Sigma. At least it wasn't an army's worth, still a small group, but definitely not going to be taken out in a shot. Energy weapons were being fired at now several angles except back where he came from, where Sigma was rampaging. This wasn't good. A Cyan-colored shot streamed WAY to close to his head for any comfort, and he suddenly got shot in the side-oh, that hurt badly. Now his memory got some foggy image of somewhere-rather inconvenient timing, though. In fact, terrible timing, as he wasn’t completely at cover now. Zek tried to hold it back-

Chakram had barely stayed conscious after getting hit by the Glowing Cyan Rock-really, all the words he had left for its description, massive earthquake being simultaneous be d**med, but it was a Glowing Cyan Rock-head bleeding aside. The warehouse he was looking at barely sported the symbol of Sigma-a shipping company.

Chakram got on his feet after a minute-the ground started rumbling, reversing his progress, and had to get up again, another minute. Pain coursed through his noggin, but he definitely knew the rock was important.

Also, it looked valuable. A glowing rock? Already valuable. The Cyan color looked quite beautiful, so there was several thousands more in his pocket. It then started hovering and spinning around of its own accord-even more valuable. Then he felt
it-a surge of power. Clearly, it was connected to the Jewel. Priceless in and of itself, to have a power all of its own. He was about to take it in his hand, when another hand took the jewel and Chakram's own arm simultaneously.

Nuh-uh-uh. Not your Emerald. said a voice. An Emerald? Colored Cyan?! Who'd say that ridiculous bull****? Chakram looked at the source, right in front of him. All he saw after that were red sparks-

WHAM! Terrific timing, mental image, you left Chakram vulnerable. A Badnik got to him with one of their clubs and sent him flying during his mental realization. His left leg was bloody and unresponsive, and the rest of his body was in a bad way. Worse, he was near another Badnik, a single one capable of killing him. The only luck he had? Zip-That Badnik was Sigma. Here came the death blow, Zek thought, as the claw was raised.

The lucky ba****d that was now the oversized Piplup pulled off a miracle, freezing the path in front of him in a belly slide and pushing both of them out of a claw strike. He could feel the impact behind him.

He heard it-the sweet sound of reinforcements, meant to take on the drill. He heard shots being fired at it-hitting it, the rocks, or its Badnik buddies, he didn't know or care. Aid was sweet to have, especially when crippled.

"So, how are-Umph!" The oversized Piplup that just said his life was cut off by a soldier.

"Uhh, sir, I don't think that'll heal really quickly, and what do we do?!"


"Sir, we're in some serious s**t right now, we need to get back Stark Mountain, what do we do?!"


"Sir, we're going to put you on this, real quickly-"

Zek didn't complain about being put on a stretcher-But not before he did one thing, moving his still-intact arms to pull out the last shot of his grenade launcher. He aimed it a little bit, and fired at the crowd of Badniks. He knew he'd take some numbers out-and the resulting explosion definitely told that story. Sigma, placed far away from that, was another one. A nasty, bloody one.

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