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Default Pokerus Clan Shoppe


Earn your $$ in Pokerus Empire in any of the following ways to attain the pokemon/items in the clan shop.

*Joining will get you: 18
*Adding to the clan shop: 2o
*Banners/Recruiting/Helping with teams/ Battle VIDs(GTS): 2o
*Battling(InClan)/: 2o
*Clan War-Win: 55
*Clan War-Lose: 25
*Participating in any Battle Center event hosted by Pokérus Empire: 5o
**Advance to the next Tier: Depending what Tier you advance into you will ear different $$.**
*Advancing into tier IV Harbinger: 2o
*Advancing into tier III Apostles: 4o
*Advancing into tier II OTP: 8o
*Advancing into tier I Monarch: 1oo

rates may change at anytime due to inflation or the lack there of.


To donate into the Pokerus Empire Clan Shop YOU MUST do the following. Failure will result in my somehow not seeing your submission.
1) Be a Pokerus Empire Clan member.
2)Gif or sprite of pokemon with
nick name if it has one, @ level
Nature / Ability
Stats all 6.
Evs if you know them.
3) Legitimacy of all pokemon MUST be disclosed upon submission.

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