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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik

I had just finished my Maxzap caffeine drink when I suddenly heard and realized the assault wasn't coming from the sea... it was coming from above. Immediately I looked up, and saw it emerging from the cloud cover.

"This is Nighthare Unit, we've got contact, coordinates X34.92, Y902.43, Z43.01," I quickly spoke into the radio. "Looks like-"

And suddenly, without any warning, the turret fired, unleashing a massive, blue-hued laser, slicing through the upper floors of various buildings, and causing some of them to collapse. The massive screaming sound it made pretty much killed any chance of getting any communications through for a good ten seconds, and my ears were ringing from it. I tried not to think about the collateral damage as much as trying to take these damn things down. I gave them the coordinates for the attack, at least that much I got through. It would at least give the defenses enough time to paint the target for fire missions. Zira shrieked in alarm at the mayhem, but I knew, she hadn't seen nothing yet.

The Central City defense didn't waste a second for target attack sequence confirmation. They just outright shot at the damn thing and anything it vomited out. Immediately, the air was filled with the hammering of the Titan AA turrets unleashing their retaliation while GDI troops on the ground unleashed a volley of rockets to take out the robots that were spilling from the massive gunship.

The robots suddenly focused their attention on the G.U.N. Combat Dragon. The ship's AA guns fired upon them furiously, but without assistance, we would be overtaken. Immediately, the G.U.N. Combat Dragon focused its attention on the incoming robots, and tried to blast as many of them out of the sky as it could before they could continue the assault. There were so many that missing was actually hard. Meanwhile, the G.U.N. Platinum Star offered assistance, gunning them down with its own anti-air cannons

"The hell...?" Switch asked between shots of his assault rifle, looking up at the Egg Carrier. "There's no way we can stop that thing!!"

"Then at least kill its weapons after we get rid of these little bastards," I told him, taking out my bow. "Zira, get on those robots and attack them with your Heat Wave attack! Monsoon, assist her and attack them with Dragon Pulse!"

It didn't take much for them to jump into action. With orders or without, everything around them screamed that this wasn't just about saving Central City, this was a battle of self-preservation.

I took aim at one of the spherical robots in particular, pulled back the arrow and the bowstring, and unleashed it. The arrow struck the target perfectly, and then a second later, exploded, destroying the robot and highly damaging a few others besides it. All throughout the mayhem, bits of metal from destroyed robots were raining down on us. Meanwhile, cannon blasts from the G.U.N. Combat Dragon finished off a slew of the others. As for the G.U.N. Platinum Star, it was able to hold off the robot attackers on us, but was still taking a beating from the Egg Carrier's turrets.

While all this was happening, X77 Typhoon attack planes from the G.U.N. Silver Avenger Aircraft Carrier were deployed as the massive ship assisted with its own AA turrets. The robot army may have had the jump on the G.U.N. Platinum Star, but they were starting to lose that edge with how many defenders were coming to its aid.


The defense line continued shooting at it. Everyone was well aware that surrender meant dying anyway, or becoming a robot to be ordered to attack your own allies. It was far better to die in combat or even turn your own weapon on yourself. And it didn't even take our new human allies three weeks to realize this same, simple fact. The Titan AA guns continued firing on it and its robot companions as it fired lasers in return. Dents were being pounded into the machine's heavy armor, although it was doing a brutal job of destroying one Titan AA turret after another, smothering the assault teams with fire.

"Hold your ears," Captain Lash warned us. "Shadow Swarm Salvo commencing on painted target Egg Carrier. As for the rest of you, we need reprisal on that gunship. If you can't take out its engine, then at least destroy its armaments!"

Yes, sir. About freaking time.

With the G.U.N. Platinum Star able to hold its own, retaliation was unleashed upon the Egg Carrier. The Battlecruiser, however, looked pretty beat up from the laser fire that was concentrated on it. They were forced to withdraw from the conflict if they didn't want to risk having the entire ship end up at the bottom of the ocean. It could be repaired as long as it didn't take too much more damage, but like a wounded soldier, we couldn't expect it to continue to fight.

Within seconds, the missile launch bay doors of the G.U.N. Combat Dragon opened, and not a second too soon, a massive, screaming salvo of Shadow Swarm cluster missiles was unleashed from the vessel, ripping their way through whatever robots foolish enough to be sitting in front of the mayhem. Meanwhile, the rocket swarm sped toward the Egg Carrier, ready to punish the hell out of it.

Loading up another arrow, I gave Monsoon and Zira the order to attack the Egg Carrier, and at least destroy its weapons. As for me, I took aim...

...and I knew I wouldn't miss.

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