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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zira & Monsoon
would you leave me if i told you what i've done

Zira's eyes fell upon the creature beside her designated target, eyes narrowing slightly. She listened to the two of them converse, and was becoming more and more irritated with seeds of doubt that he was planting in the other's mind. It frustrated her that she lacked the telepathic bond that she shared with K'sariya that allowed them to speak with one another, and she could not ease any doubts. K'sariya would not have sent them here if they weren't going to listen. In fact, she had made it excruciatingly (and a bit terrifyingly) clear about what would happen if they didn't. It was not like she would do anything overly cruel for punishment, but it was enough to keep both of them thoroughly in line.

She gave a little flutter of her wings as he said her name, and a rumbling purr echoed from her chest. Her wings sent gentle waves of warmth over them both. She tilted her head at Ace as his eyes grazed over the note. Her temper shortened further when the other mentioned K'sariya. Her warm, cobalt eyes narrowed as she glared at him. As he asked if he was serious about this, Zira's temper cracked and splintered.

In her anger, her body glowed with the magnitude of a Sunny Day, and the clouds cleared. She did not notice what lay behind her, in the open skies.

She gave a small screech, and suddenly moved closer to him. She had no plans of harming him, only maybe driving him away a little. She flapped her wings a little faster, causing a slight gust to fly from her form. She did this for a few moments before drifting obediently back to the rabbit and gave a purr, eyes closing slightly, as if she seemed happy with herself. Her lids lifted from over her eyes and she looked upon her assigned leader fondly, listening intently.

Switch was merely lucky that Monsoon had not been up here--Zira was much more good-natured than her water counterpart, and Monsoon may have made an attempt to blast him off of the ship.

Alarm suddenly spread through the ships as the Egg Carrier was sighted. She whirled, eyes narrowing at the sudden threat that the absence of clouds had now exposed. About thirty seconds later, it began. At least they had some sort of warning, but it would probably not be enough for what was to come.

She watched in horror as the cannon came into view, charging energy. She let out a screech of both surprise and warning, but could do nothing but watch as the city skyscrapers fell under attack.

Zira threw an apologetic glance at her commander, and then closed her eyes momentarily, concentrating. Collecting her emotions, the Calm Mind sent ease throughout her body. As her lids lifted, she waited momentarily to wait and see if there was anything specific Ace wanted her to do, but was pretty sure that he had other matters. She began firing Flamethrowers at the robots loading onto the other battleships, trying to at least do some damage to them before they could wreak havoc on the prepared troops below. The warning they had received was enough to not be taken completely by surprise.

Meanwhile, Monsoon gave a battle cry, Ice Beams shooting from his maw as he became a ranged weapon, firing at the aerial robots and those falling with dangerous, practiced accuracy.


K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
i see the children in the rain like the parade before the pain

K'sariya watched as her companions departed down the tunnel, the golden light of the charged webs extending down the tunnel displaying their progress. Her eyes followed them until they turned a corner, and she hoped that they did not encounter anything unfortunate while they were down there.
If it were not for the illuminated crystals floating above the ashen ground, the cave would be pitch black. The steady plop [i]of water droplets falling from the ceiling and splattering on the floor. She prowled carefully over the slippery rock, alert for any Pokemon. Her features had lost their baby roundness and her mid-length hair had been cut, and now drifted loosely about her shoulders without restraint. The gentle blue glow of the glorious gems cast an azure hue upon her tight-lipped countenance. A white and brown bug was perched upon her shoulder, clutching to her tightly.
She reached into her back pocket, taking out her thick rubber gloves, which she knew she should have been wearing earlier, and snapped them on. K'sariya momentarily wondered what would happen if Robotnik's drones really did come from underground and flooded the subway, and ran into the Hydreigon and Galvantula in the depths of the tunnels.
Movement in the black, red-trimmed backpack slung over her shoulder grasped her attention. She blinked, slipping the quivering egg out of her bag, laying it carefully on the ground. It was then that she realized that was not the only egg that was moving. She extracted the other from the bag and laid them side by side. Zira scurried down her arm and to the eggs, sniffing at them, and then nestled between them to give them warmth. Immediately the Pokemon inside began to struggle against their fragile shelter. Zira moved away from them as she heard them nearing escape.
No, Kozanar would hear them. He was a Tyranitar. He was more in tune with the earth than any of her other Pokemon. He would warn them. You couldn't just burrow through stone without there being some sort of disturbance.
They burst from their shells, tumbling into each other as they did so. The small dinosaur, blinded by its bangs, gave a snarl, while the little yellow bug simply jumped on the dragon. It made a move to snap at it, but paused as it felt the Joltik snuggling under its leg, and then gave a fond rumble. He snarled at Zira as she drew near, and at K'sariya.

"Let's see... I'll name you Astyn," she said nodding to the aggressive dragon that was snapping bad-naturedly at her. "And you... I'll name you..." she frowned, and then her expression brightened. "Altair!" The spider hissed at her as she beckoned to him.
She eased her own fears. Worrying about them now would do nothing. Besides, Alixra could just send--

K'sariya! Someone's coming!

She whirled at the sound of Alixra's urgent voice in her mind. Her head ducked as she reached over her shoulder, pulling the bow from over it and quickly taking up an offensive stance, right arm reaching for an arrow from the pod on her back. She nocked the steel projectile, immediately aiming for the subway opening, which Thalion and Kalahaq were backing quickly away from. Ikuja swung quickly to her side, releasing his grip on the ceiling and landing on the ground beside her with a massive, metallic thud. He charged a Thunderbolt into the arrow, causing it to glow with electricity, sparks jumping all around it. She drew her arm backward, her grip steady and unwavering, even as the tension in the bow began to increase.

The approaching threat stepped forth, and it was then that K'sariya realized he was not a threat at all (well, with the exception of the gun pointed at her, that was). She lowered her weapon, gladly loosening the tautness of her bow's string by easing the arrow back to its base. She slid it easily back into the pod, and looped the bow over her bodice once more. She nodded politely to him, keeping her other hand up as she reached into her pocket to show that she was not a threat. She withdrew the folded piece of paper that had assigned her to take control of the subway, and opened it quickly, pushing down the creases.

"Shadow, sir," she said politely, nodding to him. No other words passed her lips, and it was very unlikely that that would change anytime soon. She held the note out to him, her other hand resting on Ikuja, who was fuming at the sight of the gun and spinning in an agitated manner. He immediately stopped spinning as her hand moved toward him, and shifted to ensure that her hand landed between the spikes and not on them. Her Metagross moseyed over, and then tromped back with the note tucked partially under the tiny room under the massive X on his forehead. He offered the note to Shadow, stance docile and eyes quite gentle. Well, as gentle as glowing, dark, blood-colored crimson could get, that was.

What are you? Alixra asked, the question drifting into the hedgehog's mind. Like some kind of black Shaymin or something...? The Musharna had never seen a hedgehog before. She wasn't a very mobile creature, and usually was quite comfortable in her Pokeball at K'sariya's hip than out meeting others.

It was then that a massive screech echoed through the city, followed by a thunderous roar as the laser obliterated the tops of the skyscrapers. Kozanar lunged to his feet, shoving Shadow further away from the subway entrance. Seconds later it began to fall, tons and tons of concrete causing the ground to shake. Worry pulsed through K'sariya. She whirled, hands cupping around her mouth as she yelled down the tunnel.

"ASTYN! ALTAIR!" she screamed. It was then that the section of the tunnel collapsed, unable to handle the weight being put on it below. Her calls were drowned out by the collective roar of the collapsing passage and the debris blocking the subway entrance. Her fists balled as the booming voice dully reached them, grinding her teeth. "Kozanar, get us out of here." The Tyranitar nodded, and began ripping the debris from their escape route.

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