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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

OOC: Looks like no one else is posting, soooo...

Southbay Underground, in a conference room
ARPers: The Sensei

"Keep the chair, Mr. Newton, I can't sit," Anya replied, sounding almost irritable after Samuel had introduced himself. With that, the Yin moved to a wall where she could face both men, in spite the fact one wore a mask. It was this one that introduced himself as Najah and asked her what they were there for, Anya nodded at them.

"My name is Anya. I need you to help me rescue my sister from the mage containment area they have here before they get her to where they're hiding all of them. I can't say that I really want the help, but Rayna insisted that I wouldn't be able to rescue her on my own, so I'm counting on you two to help me, got it? And if you have concerns about her being a mage, the girl is a healer, knows a little offensive magic to protect herself, but her main focus is healing others; they got her for fixing a man's hand after he accidentally split it open with a knife when he could have bled to death or gotten it infected otherwise and lost his hand. If you have any objections to rescuing a scared young woman who does no more than heal and defend others, you can get out now." Anya's somewhat polite and rather sharp, businesslike voice had nearly become a growl by this point as she looked at the two before her.

/Careful, Anya,/ Laila warned mentally before Rayna chimed in.

/I'm not scared, Anya, though I would like to be let out... Only problem I had was the man they threw in here with a really nasty arrow wound to the shoulder, but he let me fix it and we're fine now,/ the little girl commented mentally, causing Anya to shake her head. Shortly after, she was blasted by the image of a tangle of limbs and colorless hair flying at her followed by a rather nasty-looking hole in the man's shoulder. Anya cringed from the images, but considering they were in her head, it must have looked fairly random.

"Now, if neither of you is opposed and thinks they have a plan, feel free to share. Otherwise, it'll be a pretty standard invade and free tactics that we use," she said, tone reverting back to the sharp, businesslike tone she had been using before.

Rayna and Ariel Hyde
Mage Containment Cell in Southbay
ARPers: None

"So, Hyde, where are you from?" Rayna couldn't take the silence anymore, and finally began talking. Hyde looked up suddenly, startled, before his expression softened and he opened his mouth to answer.

"I am not entirely sure the place exists on a map anymore, but I doubt it does," he replied softly. "What about you?" Rayna laughed softly.

"I don't know," she admitted. Hyde looked at her in confusion as she went on. "My sister and I don't have any memories before a few years ago, so we don't know where we're from."

"But, how...?"

"We have no idea. That's the thing, no one has ever seemed to recognize us, so we have yet to learn anything about who we used to be before." Rayna shrugged, and caught something from Anya about having objections to rescuing a scared young woman, and she chimed in, but Anya did not reply, simply continuing on through plans. Rayna sighed and shook her head. "Always so serious..." she muttered, but Hyde didn't seem to notice.

"Well, no one recognizes me unless they've seen me recently, so I can kind of relate, though I don't think anyone who knew me back then would recognize me appearance has changed so much since then..."

"Hmm?" Rayna asked, looking up, but Hyde shook his head.

"If you don't mind, Rayna, I'd rather not talk about it," he sighed. Across the room from him, the girl smiled sympathetically.

"I understand," she murmured, and then the room fell into silence once more.

OOC: Well, couldn't think of anything for Aileena, but hopefullly this keeps the RP alive.

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