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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

E-101 MK. III "β"
Cloud cover, target identified
Orders issued, attack to begin in 3...2...1...

The green tinted clouds keeping the flying robot and the massive airship behind it hidden flashed too often and too close for comfort. The machine had to keep its various control flaps tightly controlled to avoid being hit by a stray bolt of electricity. Its single eye scanned a battleship in the water below, lit up in shades of red and yellow. The cloud cover had almost allowed them to slip over it completely... but they were in range. The orb like robot raised a small antenna from its back, transmitting the order to begin charging weapons and to activate the forward cannon. Slowly, the behemoth red ship dipped out of the clouds, its wide underbelly bristling as automated turrets surged to life, twisting and searching out targets with small red photoreceptors. It was shaped much like a large snake with wings from the bottom, with the bridge and other important locations situated above. The exposed engine was protected with thick glass even Beta's lasers couldn't break, pistons and gears pumping as it kicked in to full gear. As it dove, the front of the airship opened vertically, opening wide as the forward cannon charged energy. The instant it was below cloud cover, the mile-long flying weapon was fully charged. There was a loud screeching noise that the robot recognized as the pulse emitter giving off feedback from the stored energy before a huge blue laser ratcheted from the front of the ship towards central city. It ripped viciously through everything ahead of it, skyscrapers collapsing from the sudden lack of a midsection and likely killing plenty of opponents. But it seemed to E-101 Beta that the beam had been aimed too high and had only hit skyscrapers, nothing on the ground directly. Unfortunate, but it sent a good enough message.

The ship's turrets opened fire on the Platinum Star, a storm of yellow pouring from beneath the ship and in to it. A legion of robots were leaping from it to the other battleship, all of them with similar orb shaped bodies and spidery limbs, heads firmly attached with no neck piece. They were all armed with laser weapons and close range weapons, some sporting four arms with a multitude, others with larger weapons. Some were of its model, flying machines with jets and control struts instead of legs and more powerful arm cannons, others were geared for explosives and close combat. Beta was engineered for all of that and more. The flying machine brought its claw-shaped arms together and pushed the laser emitters built in to its claws next to each other, sending a ream of energy across the deck of the ship not under the Egg Carrier's deadly gaze as it flew past, heading straight for the city. Ahead, other flying and water robots were streaking towards the city from where they had descended moments ago, but Beta quickly overtook them.

In moments his single glaring photoreceptor was painting targets in the streets, even as the ash from the buildings was still falling... but it wasn't to attack just yet. A deep voice boomed from within the machine at a much higher volume than it should have been able to produce. It wasn't the voice of its creator, but it was the voice of Beta. "PEOPLE OF CENTRAL CITY, YOU ARE OFFERED THE CHANCE TO SURRENDER." the voice boomed. The impact of a bullet denting its armor informed the machine of the answer, and it wasted no time in retaliation, firing bursts of lasers from the emitters built in to its claws, flying quickly enough that its few weak points weren't exposed to being harmed. A wave of dust obscured it from view as the collapsing buildings finally finished their fall, showing only a few points of light and swaths of energy bursting from the dust cloud spreading through the city. This would be fun...

((OOC:The Egg Carrier, as I'm not quite sure how to describe the thing.
And Beta too just for the heck of it. He's been upgraded, but he still pretty much looks like that. Have fun with these. And don't NPC Beta or the Egg Carrier; those are mine >:I Or this next guy either.))
((Also, Latio... You're going to regret that killing spree right about now.))

E-117 "ς"
En route, Route 226
Distress signal received. Beginning assault run.

The ground beneath the group of people and Pokemon shook violently moments before a massive drill erupted from the ground beneath, thick blades set in to the spinning device tearing apart almost the entire group of soldiers in a single go. The spindly arms split apart as the drill slowed, either side separating from the other and forming a pair of huge clawed hands. They led up to a stocky, circular body in a dull red color, the numbers 117 emblazoned in white on one side and a bright floodlight situated on a small stalk at the waist. The head was a yellow color, with a black pane of metal housing a multitude of small photoreceptors that were blinking in a form of binary. Its round body led down to a thin rotating torso outfitted with four legs for mobility, each with a small wheel behind the pronged foot for faster transportation. Twin jet engines sat on its back, and beneath the large arms were a pair of smaller ones armed with a pulse missile launcher and a fast-rate pulse gun, a third pair of manupulator arms behind these. Its eyes flashed again as its lower arms swung forward, discharging simultaneously at Chakram and the being he had saved.

The machine spidered backwards with impressive speed over the hole in the ground it had made, the large hands at its side poised defensively as its upper body leaned forward in a sort of mock glare. Its pincers dug in to the ground as it continued crawling backwards, two side photoreceptors slipping around the head to spy the fortifications Revolution Uprising had made. The robot made a mark on its internal map where its next targets were. Sigma's drill arms came together in a kind of steel shield protecting its body for a moment as its pulse launcher fired in to the ground, blowing up smoke and dust high in to the air. The instant it had cover, its arms reformed a drill and it burrowed in to the ground, the earth shaking as it did so.

Moments later, it erupted directly behind where Chakram had been, splitting its great arms and swinging them like blades as the thin feet sunk in to the earth of the hole it had created for stability as it brought itself up, eyes flashing in unspoken statements and threats. It advanced for Chakram, huge bladed arms swinging viciously at him and his 'charge' with the intent of tearing them apart. A small antenna on its back extended slightly, emitting a jamming frequency. It wouldn't do to have a surprise attack ruined by an observer...
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