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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Astrailyx had flown back to base, hearing that the trainer, K’sayira was doing her task in the subways. The dragon had flown back into base, giving everyone a last reassuring check before going to her own post. She could feel the energy humming through the entire place, almost as if it were synchronizing with her. Closing her eyes and concentrating, she folded her wings behind her back, standing in the large hallway that opened to the centre of the building, a large, decorative memorial of some kind placed in there. At least it was decorative for GUN. This isn’t where she needed to be though; no she needed to be somewhere else. A flap of her wings and a release of herself, Astrailyx fell into the floor like a ghost, passing wires and metal, concrete and supports, bothering them not in the slightest.

Astrailyx came to the middle of a large room with people watching energy fields and measurements of all kinds. In this room, she felt every pulse and twitch of the energy. She inhaled, focusing her mind on everything, and exhaled, opening her eyes, looking from left to right. This was her area of expertise, and if anything was going wrong, she was going to be the line of defense. She was in charge of defensive tactics and had run though, thought of, planned everything she could think of, still cycling through ideas like a train that never had a stop.

“All levels are stable and holding Astrailyx.” One of the operators told her. “The towers are ready at a moment’s notice and the conductors are functioning properly.”

“We have one of our own down in the tunnels working on the network. How does that look?” Astrailyx asked.

“Well…we can’t really see them and we’re close to them so…” Another cut in, a bit nervous as to what to tell her. “I’m not sure if she’s…doing it or it’s just the tracks…”

“Good, that’s how we want them.” Astrailyx explained, looking at the screens of electrical networks. “Sometimes we don’t want to see our own traps, it makes them better for the enemy.”

The other members of GUN looked at each other with a confused look, however believed the dragon anyway. She hadn’t been here very long, but her extensive knowledge proved more than helpful, and ever since she had known about the universal collision, she was absolutely over defenses, even giving more than she had the energy for, and possibly not telling a specific black hedgehog specifically what she was doing. She was aware he wouldn’t be too happy when he discovered what she did, but it was for the benefit of everyone else. Astrailyx wanted to figure out a way to recreate her energy as a simulant to administer as a special shield for others, to prevent roboticization, but that would mean an extreme amount of strain on herself, and she couldn’t afford that right now.

The dragon hovered over to one of the generators, looking it over and spying the equipment inside. Already her mind was reeling with how the generator worked, and the energy that it produced, where it went and what it controlled. She put her hand on the cold metal, feeling a chill go down her spine as a minimal amount of information came to her mind. She had known this piece of equipment for a while, though Astrailyx was learning to limit herself to smaller doses of information at once, slowly gaining control over her ability.

*start flashback*
Astrailyx was hovering in an odd space…remembering she was looking, or rather, trying to avoid someone. She was curled up, but moving at the same time…everything was a blur, as if she were trapped in a clouded bubble, suspended in nothing. She could hear voices, vaguely familiar, but foreboding and something she knew was bad.

“…she’s lucky she her energy remembers her body mold…”

“As long as she’s still alive…”

“You put her under that…was screaming in pain…agony yelled out…told you it hurt…!”

“…monster came from that…unexpected…result…”

“You…struck her…”

Everything was starting to fade out. Only a pinkish, almost nightmarish image remained within that one colour, and the sound of bubbles. Silence and uncomforting heat surrounded her, and she felt along for a while. Still, in the deafening silence and heavy warmth, there was a kind cool feeling of a familiar. It felt like the cool breeze on a summer day when you were trying to escape the overzealousness of the sun.
*end flashback*


She snapped out of her thoughts, looking back and finding one of the operators, giving her an odd look. She gazed beyond her, finding she had more than one set of eyes on her. No doubt in her daydreaming she had looked a bit tired, and found herself considerably close to the floor. Astrailyx gave a half smile.

“Nothing to worry about, just thinking.” She told them. “Back to your stations people, I know all we’ve been doing is watching but I want everyone prepared on a second’s notice. Not a moment, not a minute, a second alright?”

Everyone seemed to be a bit more energetic, realizing they were border lining an attack at any moment. “Yes si—er…ma’am!”

Astrailyx hovered higher into the air, observing every screen and everyone from her height with the generator at her back. She wasn’t going to let Robotnik win, she was putting everything she had into it and more.
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