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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

(Lack of motivation for this post, lol. His sign up drained me THAT much. Geh. So shooooort.)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers:
Sight of the Stars

War. It always happened, always occurred...And despite being one of the most powerful beings from his world, he could do nothing to stop it. He was powerless, and it was a feeling he doubted he would ever get used to. He had at times wondered if it would be better for Robotnik to win, but at the same time, it would go against everything his creator - Robotnik's grandfather - would have wanted. Gerald had wanted to help humanity and anthros alike, to stop bloodshed using science. He had been driven insane, eventually, but fundamentally peace was his goal. His grandson would create peace, as well, but in a completely twisted and terrible way...Ridding sentient beings of their willpower, of their very mind. Such a terrible fate, to be forced into acts a person would never do and to be unable to escape it.

And Maria...He had to protect everyone. For her.

The hedgehog scowled, shaking his head to rid himself of the thoughts. The city itself was barren for the most part, people barricading themselves into the buildings in preparation for the coming battle. He couldn't blame them, but on the other hand, he wished that they would help with fortifying the city rather than huddling behind a couch in fear. If they didn't want to die, then the least they could do was help. Bloody cowards, honestly, because he knew that many weren't children or crippled. It wasn't like they were asking them to fight! Although, in hindsight, it would be quite a bit of help if they would at least learn how to fire a gun.

Either way, the city was very gloomy at the moment. The air was tense and prickling with energy, of fear and desperation, eagerness and dread, all wrapped up in a tight blanket of paranoia. The sky ahead was overcast, threatening to bring rain...Yet the lack of humidity didn't really support the theory it would. It was almost as if the world was holding its breath, casting a hue on the land below as it anticipated bloodshed. The rain would be its tears, the thunder its cry of anger, the lightning its strike of fury! The sun...The sun would be its happiness if they survived the attack to see the next day.

It was not a matter of if...

It was a matter of when.

Turning down a street and passing an armored jeep, its machine guns already up and ready for action, he ignored the salutes from the soldiers he passed. Their clothes were tattered and covered in dust from the fusion of the worlds, and he was simply too lost in thought to give much of a response. His radio crackled on occasion, confirming certain parameters had been activated and that so far, no activity had been detected in any of the sectors. That will not last for long. He couldn't help but be grim, for reality had proven to him many times that happiness did not last long before tragedy swiftly buried it in misery. I made a promise to Maria to help humanity have a chance to be happy. But with Robotnik around, they will never have that opportunity. If I am to keep that oath...He must be eliminated.

He knew the city was in good hands with Astrailyx and Ace in keeping an eye out, although the former was still very weak. He didn't enjoy the fact she was that tired and working, but she had refused to sit idly by...So he had granted her permission to work on defense. As for Ace, he was eager for battle but he was reliable...Usually. He didn't always listen to orders. The human whom he couldn't even remember what her name was - it was a strange one indeed - would prove to be interesting if her Pokemon were as strong as others told him they were.

Before he could dwell on that, however, he noticed a light from a subway tunnel. It was odd, however, as he knew power had mostly be diverted from them for the city...So the lights would not be working; the electric rails were also down as they no longer connected to anything either, so they were of no use. Which meant, however, that something was down there. Grabbing at his belt, he felt the cold steel of the pistol, and having his finger on the trigger, stepping into the tunnel.

He could see a green tail tip by the entrance, and beyond that a large metallic body with a large "x" on its face. There was a a floating jellyfish which had a face that looked like it belonged on the can of a chip company than on anything alive; honestly had this been another situation he might have had to stifle a snicker at it. Pokemon, I presume. But what are they doing down here? He didn't know, honestly. Pokemon were powerful creatures, yes, and they could be tamed by Pokemon Trainers, but...It was strange finding these down here.

Staying within the tunnel entrance, he cocked the gun and stepped forward slightly. Seeing a humanoid shape, he pointed the weapon, although he did not press the trigger and his aim never wavered. He didn't forget about the Pokemon, either, his ears primed towards those he couldn't see. "By the order of the G.U.N. Commander - the one whom you are now talking to - who are you and what are you doing down here?"

...He would never get used to being Commander.

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