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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
but you take who we are the innocence in our hearts

She laid upon her stomach, the black-and-auburn-haired girl with the two pigtails, in sunshine yellow shorts and a red T-shirt featuring a shiny Butterfree. Her chin rested upon her folded arms, her cerulean eyes glittering in the bright sunlight. The tall autumn grass around them rippled and billowed in golden waves.
She could not longer hear the comforting, steady beat of Zira's wings as distance was put between them. The details of their figures were fading, but she did not miss the Volcarona's form turning slightly behind her to throw one last look at K'sariya, those beautiful, enchanting eyes glowing with unspoken apologies. For what, K'sariya may never know.
The egg suddenly split, its shell flying in all directions. An alabaster Pokemon with an earth-colored abdomen tumbled from its protection, its light blue eyes peering from its ebony countenance. The girl gave a startled yelp and rolled away from the unfamiliar Pokemon, whimpering slightly. The Larvesta shook out the fluff on its upper body and head. The fiery, sun ray-like protrusions on her bodice quivered as she did so. Her lids lowered and lifted briefly as she gave an innocent, questioning blink. It was then that she lifted her front two legs into the air and gave a little warble, voice caressing the edges of K'sariya's mind.
She listened now to the gentle lapping of the water against the rock as she stared out at the departing Pokemon.

K'sariya cautiously regained her ground, dragging herself toward the small insect. She reached gingerly out with her hand, fingers stretching out. She touched the white fur, and then quickly pulled away, making sure the Pokemon didn't attack, and then extended her digits once more to give the Larvesta a gentle stroke.

"Zari," she mused. "I'll name you Zari." Zari gave her signature purr, and pressed herself into her new companion's hand.
Her lids lowered slowly over her sight, plunging it into darkness. She sought comfort in this sense of nothing, and could almost convince herself that she was back in the grass, the sweet scent of flowers and life drifting around her.
"Come on, Monsoon! Come meet Zari!"

At the call of his master, the spiked seahorse warily moved toward them. He bounced on his curled tail, hopping slowly as he approached. His dark gaze hardened and his eyes narrowed as he laid eyes upon the fire type. He gave a snort of disdain at the small, crawling creature before him.
Had it really been so long? Was it really that long ago that Zari had hatched? Since Monsoon had hated the Larvesta with such passion?
"Oh, come on. Don't be rude." K'sariya pulled them together, but quickly found that this was a mistake. Water blasted from the Seadra's snout with a furious squeal, thoroughly dousing the fire type. Monsoon turned away grumpily, moving away a couple of feet as he did so. The girl gasped at this, and quickly snatched up the Larvesta, cradling the now-crying Pokemon in her arms as it bawled.
Her gaze followed her beloved companions until their smaller silhouettes were dwarfed by the bulk of the naval ship, and then forced herself to tear her eyes away.
The sheep-like Pokemon was normally a very docile, kind-hearted creature, but this was one Pokemon it could not find room to be kind to. Its cotton-covered back seemed to expand as it used Growth, fury glowing in the prankster's eyes. The downright rudeness of this water Pokemon was infuriating to the Whimsicott. The grass of Pinwheel Forest jerked to and fro violently in the gale that it created. The white fluff on its back glowed with a violent green light, and then all of the sudden a similar light shot from Monsoon's body, connecting with the Whimsicott's. The Seadra let out a cry of surprise as he felt the energy being quickly sapped from his body by the Mega Drain. His form crumpled as the edges of his vision darkened dangerously.

Without warning, he was blasted by heat as Zari leaped to his rescue, a Flamethrower flowing from her maw at the Whimsicott. It squealed as the flame licked at its pelt, and quickly fled toward the water, wailing from its burns.

Monsoon blinked, gaze focusing on the Larvesta as she let out a cry to alert K'sariya of this turn of events. The bug Pokemon waddled over to her rival and snuggled against her protectively. The Seadra buried his snout into her silky upper fur in return, all grudges melting in the fire Pokemon's comforting heat...
Tears burned at the corner of her eyes, and her fists balled. She bit back her bubbling emotions with a hard, forced swallow. Taking a deep, quivering breath, she nodded, knowing she had to leave it to them. She had to trust them to make it back to her... alive.

She reached under her gently waving cloak for another Pokeball. Her thumb ran over each unique etching carved onto the spheres until she found the one she wanted, and then clicked the small button in the center of the crease. Another flash of crimson light revealed a very unique dragon. A head replaced clawed hands on each of its arms, and a its head bore a fuchsia crest. Six black wings moved steadily, with each black appendage falling chronologically with every downwards thrust cycle. Astyn let out a bone-chilling snarl, violet, midnight-rimmed eyes narrowing dangerously as it looked at the water around it. Her gaze softened as it fell upon her trainer, and she hovered obediently as K'sariya spoke.

"Come on, we've got to help somehow. If we can't hold the city their efforts will be in vain."

She swung onto her dragon, who let out a growl and took flight. As Astyn did so, K'sariya withdrew Alixra into her Pokeball, and they headed toward the city.


Astrailyx has assigned you to defense, and you will be working solo in this operation.

You and your Pokemon are to find some way to defend the subways by any means, whether it be by guards, tactical traps, or any other method you decide to use. It's a large area, but we trust that you can handle it. Please find some way to do so thoroughly.


She folded the letter carefully, slipping it into her back pocket. She withdrew a berry from another small pocket on her belt and fed it to the Pidove, who was fidgeting nervously, it's yellow eyes trained on Astyn's two subheads, which were snapping dangerously close to the tiny bird. She dismissed the messenger before the Hydreigon could torture the poor thing further, mentally admonishing her Pokemon for such behavior.

They alighted at the entrance of the closed subway. The city was mostly void of citizens, considering most were holed up in their homes, waiting, watching, praying. K'sariya had long ago given up on praying. It was obvious that none of their gods, especially Arceus, would help them. The legendary Pokemon had completely lost any respect she had ever had for them, no matter how they subtly influenced her life or helped it.

As she entered the darkness, she released all of her remaining Pokemon. A spiky ball of metal, hanging from the ceiling from three vines that protruded from his body, tipped with flat, round disks with steel thorns on them, swung ahead into the pitch. Moments later, a Flash lit up the subway tunnels. The woman glanced around at her team, pondering over what to do.

"Altair, Astyn," came her sharp call. She tended to become much more harsh when she was in thought. Her Pokemon were about the only creatures she was verbal with. Anyone else she went to extreme lengths with to avoid conversation. The yellow, six-eyed spider gave a screech of acknowledgement, scuttling to her side. Sparks leaped from the azure appendages on his rear, spreading to his body in his anticipation. His mandibles clicked together impatiently. The dark dragon turned her head attentively, the sound of the jaws of her subheads snapping together fading as they too stilled.

"Astyn, carry Altair and go through the subways. Altair, as you go, spread Electrowebs out under you. As quickly as you can." They began to move, but then she halted them. "Wait! Before you go..." She glanced around, and then broke out into a sprint down the tunnel until she reached a box for the generator. She beckoned Alixra, who drifted over and used Psychic to dislodge the mechanisms of the lock. Opening the cover, her gaze scraped over the various switches and outlets. "Altair, spin me a thick, electric wire and attach it to the largest outlet. Make sure all of your webs touch in some when you're spinning them, and make sure the charges flow this way... Can you so that?"

The Galvantula nodded and began spinning the cord carefully. Thalion, the large, comical-looking, light cobalt-colored creature that was known as a Jellicent, made a point to stay far away from the jumping sparks and electricity, as did Kalahaq. The metallic Metagross wasn't affected much by the electricity, but it was annoying to have thousands of volts pulsing through your highly conductive body and the headache that came with it always irritated all four of his brains. The hunter-green, dinosaur-like figure known as Kozanar the Tyranitar lowered himself to the ground, suffering from an extreme disease that the armor Pokemon knew as boredom. Kozanar found this disease very harmful to his health and saw it as life-threatening. He would soon be attempting to find a cure to this terrible ailment, that was, if K'sariya did not give him one first.

"Yo Koz! You mind doing me a favor?" she called. His attention was immediately captured, and he sauntered over. She stood on the tip of her toes and whispered something in his ear, and he nodded. The massive Pokemon lumbered over to the edge of the edge of the platform and slowly lowered himself to the ground. He rolled onto his side, and pressed his ear attentively to the ground.

Kozanar wasn't the most intelligent creature, but he was still extremely useful. Luckily for K'sariya (and everyone else in the city), Kozanar was easily amused. The rock type listened intently to the ground for any signs of machines. His Trainer gave a warm smile at his actions. Something was quite comical about a Pokemon with such vicious capabilities so easily enticed by something so simple.

By the time her attention was drawn from the pseudo legendary, Astyn and Altair were already prepared to go. The Galvantula clutched tightly to the dragon's stomach, hanging upside down. Her gaze turned to the wire, which had been plugged into the outlet she had instructed. Nodding her approval to them, she gave them a thumbs up, and they began their work.

you make us kneel before the altar as you tear us apart
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